Consultants – they might just know something that you don’t know


As a professional in their field consultants are qualified to offer information and advice to clients, giving them access to deeper levels of know-how and leading them to greater success. As Australia’s principal expert in charity fundraising auctions, Helping Hand Group can offer the best counsel and direction for anyone running a fundraising auction, whether you are new to fundraising events or someone who has been doing things in the same way for years – talk to us!

A consultant has to keep up with best industry practices and new and unique ways of doing things.  That is what keeps them in demand; it’s part of their work to provide easy fundraising ideas.

Here we offer three reasons you should speak to a fundraising consultant:

  1. They might just know something that you don’t know

Working in fundraising consultancy means that our understanding of fundraising auctions is always growing. We take part in hundreds of fundraising events each year and get to see firsthand what works, what doesn’t, and what’s on trend and, really, at the end of the day, it’s our job to know the best way to raise money at a charity fundraising event.

  1. They can help you raise more money with less effort

While there are certain basic elements common to all charity events, a fundraising consultant recognises that a one-size-fits-all  approach will not lead to great success.   It is the consultants trade to identify the demographics of your event and determine what auction items will appeal, as well as how many items will create the most competitive environment and what auction formats will yield the best results.   If you are undertaking maybe one of two events per year as opposed to a consultant undertaking many, doesn’t it make sense to reduce your workload by handing over these elements to the professional?

  1. It’s part of the service

Helping Hand Group offers fundraising consultation as part of the service because we want to help you run the most suitable and profitable auctions at your charity event.   When HHG becomes part of your team, you’ll discover that there’s more to charity fundraising auctions than items or technology – there is almost a science to marrying the demographics to the right auction items, identifying which auction format will best work – what time to hold the auctions; what kills auction successes and hundreds of other tips that we can pass on.