Helping Hand Group (HHG) has been nominated for a prestigious Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award for our program Last Donor Standing.

The awards will be presented in Singapore on Friday June 24th at the famous Resorts World, Sentosa

Last Donor Standing (LDS) has been nominated in the best Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Small/Medium Enterprises in Asia.

LDS was developed by HHG to create a new and fresh approach in the charity auction sector. It gets the whole room involved by having the auctioneer ask all guests to stay standing through rounds of bidding for an item and continually increasing the asking price until it sells.  It also allows for more than one successful bidder if the item – such as a holiday – is available to be booked on several dates which in turn means the charity receives multiple donations.

Judges were impressed with the program commenting in notes that “… Last Donor Standing took the sector by storm, easily surpassing previous outcomes (from other fund raising methods) of one or two sales of a specific auction item. Six, eight, or even ten items were sold with each sale generating a donation for a charity or CSR project …”

“Given the prevalence of live and silent auctions at many charity events we wanted to create something that would not only focus on fundraising activities that would generate the highest return to charities and CSR projects but also create excitement and an element of fun and engagement,” said HHG CEO Adam Herodotus.

“We are delighted that the program has received such well-regarded recognition,” he added.

For further information on Last Donor Standing or any other Helping Hand Group service, contact info@helpinghand.com.au 

For further information on the awards,  visit http://enterpriseasia.org/area/