Name one charitable organisation that does not benefit from having an army of dedicated volunteers and you can bet that charity is in deep trouble.  A 2016 report undertaken by wealth management experts JBWere found that the number of charities was doubling every two decades, with 56,894 charities in Australia.  So that’s a lot of volunteers needed!

But as wonderful as they are, volunteers are unpaid helpers – often with jobs of their own and juggling busy lives.  Being passionate about the cause is one thing but these accountants, lawyers, household managers, nurses and students are just not in the fundraising business.  Their abilities and skills will vary and cannot be substituted for someone who works day in day out to raise funds to agreed targets and has made a career in the not for profit sector.

So, yes, that is why we would advocate that for your very important fundraising dinner or gala that the people you charge with encouraging bidding, collecting monies and interacting with your guests are paid and professional staff.

Well we would say that wouldn’t we but here’s why.

Helping Hand Group staff, tend to work an average of 30 events per year which means that they understand the importance of this one big fundraising opportunity for the charity.  They know what the stakes are if the charity does not meet its targets. Our professional staff (which are no cost to the charity) include MC’s, auctioneers and – very importantly –  an event team comfortable and confident in discussing items, the auction process and spotting and encouraging higher bids all in the most charming and engaging way.

In our many years in the industry and about 500 events a year, we have seen what works and what doesn’t, and what has worked but no longer does. We are experts because we learn from the many events we attend, we research what’s happening worldwide, we test and fine-tune our service, and we get results.

Oh, and did we tell you, when you contract Helping Hand Group to undertake your event – these professional staff are part of the package – and no cost to you.