Why events will always matter

Why events will always matter

Charities have always included events in their fundraising plans.  Not only can they be a lucrative method of raising much needed funds, but they are a great way of bringing loyal donors together with new and potential donors who just might like to get behind your cause. Let’s not forget, also, an event is like a community function of likeminded individuals who believe in the charity.  Excitement runs high, enthusiasm and good will prevail and people are more inclined to open their wallets.

As there are many galas and balls these days, it is imperative that the organiser must plan a unique event that is not only professionally done, has the potential to raise the required amount of money but is also interesting, exciting and different.

A successful event takes a lot of advance planning.   Delegating activities and outsourcing to specialists means taking whole chunks of the event off the organiser’s shoulders and allows them to get on with core activities that only someone working inside the charity would be able to do.

And an event should be marketed.  Build an online registration and peer-to-peer fundraising tool early.  Helping Hand Group builds a microsite for its clients for each events so that as soon as it is live, supports can start bidding on items which gets the big event off to a great start.   And, don’t forget the value of strong web site content and the force of social media

There is always a fine balancing act between having lots of options for people to donate at your event and overwhelming them with choice.  It is important to consider which fundraising activity is most likely to generate the most money.

And remember, if you are a national charity, once you have successfully planned and executed the event in one city, why not use the blueprint to run similar events across the country.

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