• Each guest is given a Ballot Bidding Form (View sample) with every item available on the night listed. Guests are given only one chance to lodge their maximum bid against the items that interest them.
  • Ballot Bidding® Auctions takes up less of your guests’ attention and time during the event and raises more money for you than a traditional style of Silent Auction.
  • Ballot Bidding® closes earlier so guests can enjoy the event, without needing to constantly be checking the status of their bids.
  • Ballot Bidding® Auctions encourages your guests to bid their maximum (with their first and only bid), so they do not miss out on the item/s they like. Ballot Bidding® has proven time and time again that items sell for the best price, with each sale!
  • Helping Hand Group has multiples of some items and based on limited availability, we can sell more than just the top bidder, exponentially increasing your donation with every sale and allowing guests of all financial situations contribute.
  • Ballot Bidding® Auctions also stops guests from only outbidding each other by $1 (as everyone will be bidding their own theoretical ‘maximum’), making more money for you, whilst keeping everyone happy.
  • Ballot Bidding® brings the bidding process to your guests. They can bid at their table and our own friendly staff will process all sales at the guest’s own table too.
  • Ballot Bidding® comes at NO cost unlike Electronic bidding systems, which can cost in excess of $10,000.
  • This is THE new and different system that your guests have not seen before. It will not only raise more money for you but inject new life into your event!

Ballot Bidding Testimonials

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