Streamline any fundraising event with Helping Hand Group’s Silent Electronic Auctions.

As well as Ballot Bidding®, live auctions, and traditional silent auctions, Helping Hand Group also specialises in Electronic Silent Auctions, the most streamlined, precise, and inclusive way to add excitement and value to any fundraising event.

Utilising up-to-the-minute software technology courtesy of Global leaders, GiveSmart (, Helping Hand Group’s Electronic Silent Auctions allow attendees to engage instantly and directly at their event through the device that they’re most familiar with: their very own mobile phone. iPads are also provided at NO-cost, if guests prefer not to use their own phones.

Excite and intrigue your guests.

While caught up in the excitement of a live auction, attendees can easily dig deeper into the items that they’re interested in bidding on with a mere tap or swipe on their mobile phone. One click provides instant access to more information on the exclusive experiences and one-off items up for grabs.

If a guest is enticed and intrigued by, say, a lavish getaway in Phuket, or a guitar signed by one of the world’s biggest rock stars, they can click on that item on their phone and get all of the details that they require, be it the finer points of the holiday on offer (such as length of stay, accommodation, added inclusions etc), or the exact presentation specifications of the memorabilia (framing details, authenticity certification etc).

Add a slick, professional touch to your event.

Helping Hand Group stands behind all of its auction items, so one thing is certain: the more a guest knows about an item, the more they’ll want to bid on it. More bids mean more involvement, and more involvement means more excitement, which is a major driver at any auction or fundraising event. “The appealing part of Electronic Silent Auctions is just making sure it is done and done correctly by professionals,” says Aaron Simmons of Dulwich College in Singapore, who used the Electronic Silent Auction process at a recent fundraiser. “Helping Hand Group are definitely professionals.”

Once a guest has made the decision to bid via Electronic Silent Auction, there’s no need for pens, pencils, or paper, as they can simply place their bids via the website, which runs on any type of mobile phone. Winning bids are then tracked on a displayable leader-board for all at the event to see, adding even further to the sense of excitement and involvement. Streamlining the whole auction process from beginning to end, guests are then able to automatically pay for their winning bids using secure online portals, providing an instant sense of satisfaction.

All from the comfort of their chair, guests can browse, bid on, and then pay for any items that they’re lucky enough to win. It’s a slick, simple, and streamlined way to involve guests at any fundraising event. “Helping Hand took the stress away of us trying to manage the auction process,” says Tracey Woodbry, general manager of corporate experiences for Supercars Championship, who also used the Electronic Silent Auction process at a recent fundraiser. “The funds raised on the night indicated that the guests were very supportive of the process.”

Make it easy for your guests to participate but more importantly, make it easy for you, the organiser.

And while they might be the most hi-tech way to engage bidders at a fundraising event, there’s nothing overly complicated about Electronic Silent Auctions. It’s a user-friendly process, with a simple and engaging interface, and Helping Hand Group will set up the entire system from top to bottom for any event. “It’s an easy and simple process,” says Tracey Woodbry. But if you do require any assistance at the time of your event, Helping Hand Group’s friendly and attentive staff will be right there to answer any of your questions. “Helping Hand Group’s employees did the majority of the work,” says Aaron Simmons of Dulwich College. “It was very easy for us.”

Furthermore, auction reports are produced immediately after the auction closes, listing all sales amounts and monies raised. On top of that, unlike most of its competitors, Helping Hand Group will build, run and manage an Electronic Silent Auction at your fundraising event at no cost. “I would definitely recommend Helping Hand’s Electronic Silent Auctions to others,” says Aaron Simmons.

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