Tips For a Successful Charity Auction

5 Strategies to Make Your Charity Auction a Success

Auctions are a fun and excellent way to get the funds that you need to launch your projects. Even more, they are an effective way to get everyone involved. Because they are a highly interactive event, charity fundraisers are also a great opportunity to connect with your supporters and engage with them, even if you hold your charity auction online. However, running these charity events or fundraisers can be time-consuming and tedious at the same time.

If it’s your first time to run a charity auction, don’t fret. Here are a few tips to help you run an auction and so much more!

Tips to Make Charity Auction a Success


  • Choose the right auction type

Select the most suitable type of auction based on your target market to ensure its success. It has to be appealing enough for your supporters to ensure that you’ll have a fruitful turnout.

Aside from live auctions, you can also consider online and silent auctions, depending on your supporters’ preference. It’s highly advisable to learn the benefits and the downsides of each auction type, to come up with the right decision.

  • Use an auction software application

Before you start to plan the event, it’s best to choose an auction software application for ease in organising all its aspects. There are two primary types of auction software applications: auction and event planning software and mobile bidding software.  

Depending on your needs, both of these software applications can help make your charity auction a success. Both types of software applications have been programmed to streamline every part of the process. This makes planning charity events or charity fundraisers easier while also giving the donors easy access to bid or buy tickets.

  • Choose exciting items

Getting the most competitive items is a must to get your sponsors motivated to donate. This should be one of the goals when thinking about fundraiser ideas for charity. A few of the best things you can consider can range from signed sports apparel, vacation getaway or a concert ticket.

Although the primary goal of all charity events is to incentivise charitable contributions, getting your donors’ attention with exciting items to spur their interest is a great way to turn your event into a great success! However, it will help to keep in mind the law of supply and demand when choosing auction item ideas. You need to ensure that the items are scarce to find to score higher bids. Doing so will make your donors feel like they’re walking away with something they want to get.

  • Run ads in advance

Once you’ve carefully curated your auction items, it’s about time to showcase them as part of your charity auction promotion. Running ads showcasing the auction pieces will not only motivate people to participate, but you might even encourage uninterested individuals to attend the event, too.

Fortunately, there are many ways to promote your items. In addition to printing them, you can also run your ads online. Not only will you raise more money, but it’s also more efficient.

  • Secure your sponsorships

An effective way to help you manage your costs is by securing sponsorships from businesses or individuals for your charity auction online. You can ask them for assistance, either through cash or in-kind donations, to underwrite the expenses of running such an event. In return, you can offer them various benefits and tiered sponsorship that they can choose based on the value that they want to give and receive. You can also consider offering them public recognition in return for their donations.


Lending You a Helping Hand

At Helping Hand Group, we provide our clients with only the best help that they need to run their live and silent auctions. Here are a few more reasons why you should work with us.

  • Highly experienced

If you try to start a charity auction online or a live one on your own, there’s a big chance that you might miss out on a few practical pointers to make the most of your resources. In contrast, when you get auction experts like us, you are guaranteed to get only the best support for the auction process. A professional auction team has all the experience that you need to run the auction. Our knowledge of what may happen in an auction will ensure that you won’t leave out any critical information or requirements for the event.

  • Assistance from start to finish

Managing all the aspects of an auction event can be tedious, and you might not have the proper resources or tools handy to perform every task. That’s not the case if you would decide to work with us. We provide auction items on a consignment-type basis. Aside from taking care of setting up, we can also run the auction and take down the displays at the end of the event.

  • No upfront costs

Yes, our services come at no cost to our clients. We cover our costs through the sales of auction items. That’s why we always make sure to create engaging auctions at charity events where guests would want to bid and win. As we sell our items, you also raise more money. Staging great auctions is our specialty!

Interested in working with us? Contact us today.