Have you considered utilising Helping Hand Group’s ZERO cost electronic Silent Auction System for your next fundraiser?

What our clients have to say…

“The Voyage of a Lifetime Experience far exceeded our expectations. The cruise on the ship Queen Elizabeth was breathtaking.
The service we received was terrific. A highlight was definitely being invited to the bridge and meeting the captain and being permitted to see the ship depart from the dock to open seas was truly breathtaking. This was only for people who had been fundraisers for the Helping Hand Group.
The service we received from start to finish was excellent and we were definitely made to feel special.
We would not hesitate to consider a voyage of a lifetime again. ”

Steve Kennedy

Ballot Bidding

Ballot Bidding System another fundraising idea

Ballot Bidding takes up less of your guests’ attention and time during the event and raises more money for you than a traditional style of Silent Auction.

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Holiday Destinations

Variety of holiday experiences

Our range of exotic and premium holiday packages to destinations World over are setting new Fundraising Auction records every month!

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