The Helping Hand Group is your trusted partner in charity auctions in Perth. We specialise in creating unforgettable live and silent auctions that not only raise funds but also change lives for the better. Our approach is simple and genuine, just like your desire to make a difference. Join us in the world of charity auctions in Perth, where every bid counts, and every moment matters.

Elevate Your Cause with Expert Live and Silent Auctions in Sydney

Charity auctions in Perth offer a dynamic platform to raise funds for causes close to your heart. Our live and silent auctions, two great ideas for charity fundraisers, are not just about financial contributions; they’re about creating a ripple effect of positivity and hope throughout your community.

  • Live Auctions: These spirited events breathe life into your fundraiser, energising the room with enthusiastic bidding. Guests engage in friendly competition to secure coveted items, experiences and more, all in real time. Live auctions spark excitement, creating a sense of unity as attendees rally together to support your cause.
  • Silent Auctions: For those who prefer a more relaxed approach, silent auctions offer a compelling alternative. Bidders discreetly place their bids on a wide array of items, each with its unique appeal. The silent auction ambience is perfect for mingling and socialising, as individuals quietly champion your cause.

With an engaging and friendly atmosphere, we ensure that every guest feels like a valued part of the cause. No lengthy speeches, no complicated procedures, just a sincere commitment to making a difference. Choose the auction style that suits your audience, and let us help you create a fundraising experience that not only raises funds but also leaves a lasting impact on the lives of those you aim to support.

Why Partner With Us for Charity Auctions in Perth

At the Helping Hand Group, we believe that great achievements are never solitary efforts. We invite you to partner with us in making your charity fundraiser a resounding success. Here’s why we make the perfect match for your cause:


With years of experience in Perth charity auctions, we’ve fine-tuned our approach to perfection. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our expertise in both live and silent auctions is a testament to our ability to adapt to your unique event needs.


Our team of seasoned auctioneers, dedicated event coordinators and tech-savvy specialists are here to ensure that your fundraiser runs not just smoothly, but exceptionally well. Whether you opt for a lively, engaging live auction or a more discreet silent auction, our experts will organise an event that captivates your audience.

Zero Upfront Cost

We understand the importance of minimising expenses for your fundraiser. Our zero upfront cost approach ensures that you can focus on your cause, not the financial burden of hosting an auction.

Diverse Auction Items on Consignment

We provide you with a carefully curated selection of auction items on consignment. This means that you have access to a diverse range of high-quality items without needing to purchase them upfront. From unique experiences to desirable products, we’ve got your auction items covered.


Working closely with you, we’ll tailor our services to your specific goals and audience. No two charity auctions in Perth are the same, and we embrace this diversity to create the perfect fundraising experience for you.


Our approach is straightforward and genuine. We understand the importance of trust and transparency in charity auctions. You’ll always know where your funds are going, and you’ll witness the tangible impact they’re making on the lives of those you aim to support.

Looking to Make a Lasting Impact Through Engaging Auction Experiences?

Sit back and watch your charity event come to life. Our experienced team will handle all the details, from item procurement to auction management. We’ll work closely with you to create a tailored plan that suits your unique needs and ensures the success of your charity auctions in Perth.