Fundraisers are always looking for the most effective strategies to generate funds for their organisations. As we know, raising funds is a difficult undertaking associated with event preparation. So, what is the most effective way to raise money for good causes?

To answer this question, we lay down different fundraising ideas in Australia to help you raise funds effectively. 

Amazing Fundraising Ideas

1. Social or Team Fundraising

One of the most well-liked charity fundraising methods in recent years is peer-to-peer or social fundraising.

Essentially, this kind of fundraising is finding volunteers who would work for free in exchange for a donation on your behalf. To do this, they’ll create their unique pages and market them to their online networks. 

Non-profit organisations prefer this campaign technique because it organically and drastically grows their online networks. Although peer-to-peer fundraising is a reasonably adaptable method of generating money online, it often requires you to purchase specialised campaign software.

2. Fundraising Letters

It’s nice to receive a handwritten letter from someone in this day and age of email and the Internet. Sending your donors a handwritten letter outlining your charity fundraising goals can help you connect with them.

You’ll be surprised at how well people react! Additionally, writing fundraising letters is a very economical way to gain support in a short time. Prepare a mailing list and spend some time crafting the perfect letter—one that briefly explains why you are raising funds and what you plan to do with the donations.

3.  Local Restaurant Collaboration

Did you know that bringing your friends out to lunch can help you raise funds? You can help support your cause by working with a local restaurant to donate a part of the evening’s sales. Additionally, collaborating with a restaurant is easier than you think.

Invite your family, friends and members of the community to the event after all the specifics have been worked out. You can raise more money and awareness for your cause by increasing the number of attendees.

4. Photo Contest Event

Launch a photo competition to get people involved, raise your brand’s visibility and build a more true connection with your donors. Once you’ve decided on a topic or subject for your contest, inform your donors to share photos on social media using the right hashtags. 

Compile all submissions, place them on a single landing page and invite your network to vote for their favourite through a cash donation. Ask a local gallery if they would show your winner’s entry for a week as an extra incentive.

5. Film Festival

Any moment can be recorded on camera and shared with the world as everyone has a phone and a platform to reach people. Organise a contest where people can submit their films. Even better, you can make it into a voting contest where participants contribute $5 to vote for their favourite movies.

Also, make an email series filled with advice to help supporters make an effective video weeks before the contest.

6. Tie-Dye Celebration

A traditional fundraising reward is giving out items that support your cause; however, you can take this fundraising idea to the next level by holding a ‘make your T-shirt’ event. Incentivise visitors to produce their works of art by charging an admission fee. Additionally, you may hire local artisans to produce unique items to sell.

7. Wine Sampling

Invite your supporters to a wine night fundraising event and provide them with excellent food and drink. In exchange for free promotion, ask nearby wineries to donate one or two bottles. You can even have your wine tasting at a nearby place that’ll donate a part of the sales to your cause.

Hire a sommelier to guide guests through the process of tasting each wine and educate them about each drink’s history. You can also assemble a basket of premium wines, wine glasses and bottle openers to auction for extra donations. 

8. Auction

More people love auctions in charity fundraising events. They are special events where prospective customers submit competitive bids for goods or services. The reason why individuals participate in auctions is because they can get a good bargain from  it. Auctions provide you a specific time and date for selling your assets. Your property will receive significant exposure thanks to a carefully thought-out rapid marketing campaign.

Why Should You Consider An Auction for Your Fundraising Event?

An auction is a fantastic method of raising money for a fundraiser if you’re seeking for a great way to do it. Guests can bid to win auction items and packages during auctions. The item is purchased at the highest offer, and the money raised goes to the charity. A win-win situation.  These are really interesting events that establish the foundation for ongoing interaction with donors.


An auction can be either a live auction or a silent auction. A live auction is typically interactive, with bidders shouting out their bids. A silent auction, on the other hand, involves bidders submitting written bids to a designated individual.


Other reasons why you should consider an auction for your fundraising event in Australia are: 

  1. Auctions are a proven way to raise money, raising more than the average of any other type of fundraiser. 
  2. They are fun! Bidders enjoy auctions because they offer a chance to get a good deal on unique items, and there is always the potential for a bidding war to erupt over a coveted prize.
  3. They offer a wide variety of items to choose from. From experiences and travel packages to jewellery and electronics, there is something for everyone at an auction.
  4. They are easy to organise. Auction houses can help you with all the organisation, from setting up the bidding process to shipping the winning items to the winners’ homes.
  5. They attract a lot of people. With so much on offer, people are drawn to auctions and often end up spending more than they planned on. This means more money for your cause.
  6. Auctions can be tailored to fit any event, no matter what the theme or focus may be.
  7. Auction items can be donated by individuals, businesses or organisations, making the fundraising process easier for you.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

There are many different ways to raise money for your organisation, but auctions can often result in more funds raised than other methods. If you decide to hold an auction, be sure to contact Helping Hand Group. We can help support your efforts with no upfront costs to you. 

We look forward to helping you make a difference in your community. Contact us today.