Are you looking for fundraising ideas that can really work? You probably have a good cause for trying to raise money. Whether it’s for a charity that advocates for a cause that’s dear to you or you simply want to help someone in your neighbourhood, knowing the basic of how to raise money for a charity is a good way to start.

Before jumping on the different ideas that can help you raise a fund, here are some tips to consider.

How to Raise Money For A Good Cause

  • Make a plan.

Anyone can raise money for themselves. However, when raising funds for a good cause, you should first have a realistic goal in mind and make a plan out of it. 

Who will be the people involved and where are you going to do it? Are you going to fundraise alone or are you bringing a bunch of people with you? Also, most states have specific rules and regulations about fundraising. You should review these guidelines first so you can be on the right track [1].

Who will be your audience? This is key to have a successful fundraising event. Think about what types of donors you would like to attract. It will help you decide on the activities you will later implement. 

Who will benefit from your fundraising? If it is that homeless man in your street, it’s easy. But if you want to support a charity, you better research about the charities that you can work with. You would want to make sure that your hard-earned money will be spent well so choose a charity that is effective in doing so. You can check different websites for their ratings and testimonials to make sure that you’re having the best charity to help. If you already have an organisation that you’re supporting, then it’s better. You just need to contact them and let them know about your plan.

Other good questions to ask to polish your plan are ‘how much do I want to raise’ and ‘what is the timescale for this fundraising’ [2].

  • Connect with the charity you chose.

Before you proceed with bringing people in and implementing the actual event, it is better to contact the charity you’re fundraising for. They may have a guideline you need to know. You have to make sure that what you will do is following the policy of the organisation you want to work with [1].

  • Brainstorm and network with others.

You should get a team to rally with you. Fundraising can’t’ be easily done by one person alone. You should gather people with the same cause as you or advertise that you are looking for volunteers. You may be able to attract like-minded people that way.

What’s the best fundraising ideas you should do? When your team is ready, it’s time to brainstorm for ideas. If you have a really big fundraising event in mind, you might need to network with others who would be willing to support or participate. You can contact local businesses that may want to donate prizes or set up a booth in public gatherings to raise awareness and solicit donations for your cause.

  • Advertise.

Once your plan is ready and it has been approved by the partner charity, you can start advertising the fundraising activity. You should do it appropriately according to your target audience. Think about what will be effective to them. Is it sending out personal invitations or posting on social media? With the COVID-19 pandemic still existing, you should be more creative not only with your fundraising activity but also with the way you will advertise it [1].

Fundraising Activities That Work

When planning for a fundraising event, you should be able to prepare for different ideas to choose from so you can attract and involve many people. Ideas can be short-termed or long-termed, and you can sort them out during your planning period. Below are some great fundraising ideas to get you started [3, 4]. 

  • Social media and online fundraising ideas

Can you still fundraise if there are restrictions and health protocols to be followed due to COVID-19? Yes, you can still raise money amid a pandemic online. With the Internet taking over our daily lives, you can also use it to promote your cause.

  1. Online auction fundraiser. If you have the budget to fund a mobile bidding software, you would like to try this. Online auction software and services made charity auctions still a doable idea. You only need to gather the items to be auctioned off and then promote your online event.
  2. Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is now one of the most popular and accessible fundraising ideas. This can be done for a variety of causes, and platforms are available for this fundraiser. Many donors can make donations through the platform, even small amounts, to help you reach your goal.
  3. Online merchandise store. This is one of the most cost-effective fundraising ideas. If you have custom merchandise or any product to offer, you can set up an online merchandise store and start with online ordering. This works best nowadays.
  4. Online pub quiz. Your friends and family will enjoy this one. Just make sure to choose the right platform and be creative with your theme and questions.
  • Quick and easy fundraising ideas
  1. T-shirt fundraisers. Designing and selling t-shirts is a very common idea that can be used to raise money. You promote your t-shirt, sell them and then ship them to buyers. You get the profit and they get an item for their donations.
  2. Bake or craft sales. Surely food and crafts can attract great attention to your cause. This idea allows the community to contribute using their homemade goods.
  3. Garage sales. This won’t need a lot of planning. If you have unwanted items or you want to declutter, put a sign on your garage or right outside your home. It is sure to draw attention. You can also ask for items from your friends and families.
  4. Used book sale. If you and your friends have many books that you no longer read, this fundraiser is easy to do. Your neighbours or schools can also donate if they want. Not only you are raising money but you are also promoting reading as a habit.
  5. Community classes. When you are an expert in something or skilled in a certain craft, you can offer your knowledge and set up a class to raise money. Whether it’s just one class or a series, you will get money from it.
  6. Car wash fundraiser. This classic fundraiser is still effective. Whether it’s a door-to-door service or set up in a community place, offering a car wash for a reasonable charge and cause will always work.
  7. Raffles. If you have some good prizes, you can easily hold a raffle to raise money.
  8. Charity film night. This is like going to the moviehouse but you’re fundraising through the entry tickets or donations and by selling movie snacks.
  • Big-money fundraising ideas

These are ideas that can give you big returns, but you will need to invest time and resources. You should be ready with a budget and people to take charge.

  1. Corporate sponsorships. Although this is a big-money fundraising idea, it also works on other projects of different sizes. What you need is to look for or connect with well-known businesses and check whether they would be interested in supporting your project. Generally, when your target sponsor offers their support, you should offer positive publicity for them. It’s a trade.  
  2. Golf tournament. This fundraising idea also has huge returns. You may even offer additional donation opportunities throughout the tournament so you can exceed your goals.
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