Are you passionate about helping your community and are into the sports industry? Do you want to get the opportunity to manage your own sports team in the future? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because here at Helping Hand Group, we make sure that we assist our clients and associates into helping them start their own fundraising event that will yield them enough profit to build and properly manage the sports club of your dreams. Still confused on how to do it? Well, for starters, we can lend you a helping hand on getting to know the basics and knowing where to start. Today, here are some effective fundraising ideas for Sports Clubs.

Popular Club Fundraising Ideas

As with everyone starting out, we’re assuming that not everyone has wealthy supporters to help them raise the capital they need to support their sports club. As everyone should know, the process requires a lot of effort from not just yourself, but from all of your members as well. Luckily for you, there are tons of sports related fundraising ideas that you can use to your advantage, and we’re here to discuss a few of those great fundraisers for sports teams, so that we can help you start your journey in any way possible (1).

  • Club website

In this digital and technological world, it can be considered as standard for everyone to have an established online presence on the internet. May it be through social media accounts, personalized websites, or through online connections, it’s a great opportunity to not only reach out to a lot of people, but to generate revenue as well.

Being tech-savvy and computer literate is the norm nowadays, and that’s why people with traits like these can be used to help generate more presence and high traffic to your website. With great developers making quality websites that have all the information about your sports club, it’s surely going to keep stable traffic for you. 

  • Club events

Hosting events not only help you raise revenue for your club, but it also has the added bonus of bringing your club members closer together. Having the right events can help your club gain the recognition it deserves. You don’t even have to start big, it can be something small from holding a small get-together in your local neighborhood, a summer barbecue for your athletes and local community, or anything feasible that comes into your imagination. Sit, back, relax and enjoy your time with the people you have while earning revenue as well. 

  • Sponsorship

Sponsorships are integral if you want future growth of your business. From small things to high revenue-gaining additions, it’s up to you if you want to start small or go big directly if you get the right opportunity. For starters, there are a number of ways that you can sponsor your club. From social media, partnerships, and financial support from other peers, you can save tons of your capital for your club by having the supporters by your side.

  • Hire out your facilities

If you have a good foundation of your sports club already and have up-to-date and adequate facilities that yet to be put into good use, then you should consider renting out to earn a bit of revenue out of it. It’s one of the most profitable fundraisers for sports, because a lot of different sports teams let other people use their facilities. There’s a lot of potential income by just letting people rent out places like your practice area, clubhouse, or open areas. Always remember, there’s no shortage of events happening all around the year, and loads of them need a venue for their event to take place. 

  • Car Wash on Match Day 

Cleaning cars is a good way to earn extra income for anyone, so why not do it for the benefit of your sports club as well? On match day, with loads of people coming in to watch the game, there’s bound to be tons of cars as well. Now’s your chance to find some prospective people who’d be willing to pay to get their cleaned while they’re busy watching the game. It’s one of the best ways to fundraise for a team, and can be a quick earner if you’re diligent and hardworking enough to keep it consistent. 

Steps to a successful fundraising activity

There are certain things you need to remember before starting up your fundraising activity. If you want to make it successful and not just waste time, then make sure to remember these few steps to make it the most worthwhile thing possible (2):

  • Know the cause you’re fighting for

Of course, before anything else, it’s important you know why you started in the first place. For example, in the case of sports, then your cause is helping out people in your community by funding the development of a sports club in the area.  This can help you create a clear plan of action and move to your ways forward.

  • Define what your main goal is 

Since this is a fundraising event, then we all know that the primary goal of it is to raise money for funding. However, other factors should be taken into consideration, specifically more realistic ones that are based on what other members of your team thinks, and the available tools currently at your disposal. It’s always important to start humble, but always dream big. 

  • Track your expenses and what you can spend for

Expenses are a big thing to consider as well. Costs for an event can go up if there are a lot of delegates attending your event, so it’s important to take note if you can manage all that. Things to consider when tracking your budget include the cost of printing materials, rental space, catering, staff, entertainment, transportation (if you want to arrange one), utilities, and other miscellaneous things that you feel are of importance. 

Take note that your budget should be feasible with how much revenue you want your fundraising activity to earn and make profit. Lastly, as much as you want everything to go smoothly, there is always a possibility of unforeseen events happening, so make sure you have a little extra in your budget if the need arises. 

  • Get a good audience

Like with marketing and selling a product, it’s important to know who your main target market is. Ask yourself, is your fundraiser for everyone, or is it for a specific audience geared towards businesses, retirees, or younger professionals? In the case of fundraising for a sports club, then you might want to invite some sports goers or some local athletes and players. You can also choose what kind of event you’re planning to hold. Do you want a virtual event, a concert, guest speakers, or other types that we haven’t mentioned. It’s up to you to choose. 

  • Have a good marketing plan 

It’s important to convince possible aspiring delegates and supporters that your fundraising event will be worth going to. Even before the event proper, you need to make sure that you have a proper marketing plan in place to properly attract customers. There are various ways to market the event: from more traditional ways through direct mailing, phone banks, and word-of-mouth, to more modern ways such as social media marketing. Whatever method you may use, as long as it’s shown to be effective in reaching out, then you’re most likely good to go.

  • Set it up well

Once you get everything organized, make sure that you set everything up in advance. This includes checking for all the details and logistics, the location, the entertainment, the type of food, the itinerary, and other things that you’d want to include.