A charity fundraising event is very impactful to any organization because it is used to generate funds for a wonderful and fundamental cause. Aside from fund generation, a charity event can raise awareness that usually addresses social issues.  Although there are so many charity events that you can work on, hosting a silent auction charity event can be rewarding.  A silent auction provides an opportunity for the donors to interact with the buyers, at the same time, actively participate in improving community development. Hence, if you are planning to host a silent auction event, you need to invest time and effort in obtaining high demand and valuable items for your supporters before the big day. To help you, there are several essential silent auction ideas that you can include in your project. Furthermore, you can always consult with our experts on how to boost your fundraising goals.

Guide To Choosing Successful Silent Auction Items

Although silent auctions are very effective in generating funds, there are factors to consider when planning and hosting this kind of event.  Aside from purchasing the items, you also need to consider the venue, the type of audience, the responsibilities of your organising team, and the check-out area. 

The most crucial factor for a successful silent auction event is to identify the items that are most appealing to your guests. According to Bid Beacon, your guests will bid for the items that they want, which means, the higher the bid, the higher the revenues. (1) However, obtaining the items can be time consuming and overwhelming. In this case, you need to carefully consider your audience. Hence, asking the following questions will help you plan your fundraising.

  1. Who is your target audience? What is the age bracket? Are they students, parents, professionals or retirees?
  2. Which guest category have the highest attendance?
  3. Do the guests share common interests? Are they athletes, artists, health and environmental advocates, frequent travellers?  
  4. Considering the income, are your guests working professionals, business owners, or high-net-worth individuals?
  5. Are my target individuals living in the rural or urban community?

With this relevant information, you can be able to plan and execute an effective and successful charity event.  According to Snowball Fundraising, you must choose the items that are too valuable for the audience to ignore. (2) Besides, by carefully considering your audience, you will be able to determine the right items that can truly produce high returns from your bids. Being able to create a strategic plan will produce minimal errors during the whole duration of the event.

Silent Auction Items That Sell Best

While there are no standards in achieving a successful outcome, still, there are items that will surely grant you large profits.

  •  Travel And Resorts Packages

Travel packages and resort stays are some of the most appealing items that you could include in your auction. Young professionals and even families would like to go for a trip to relax and see the other side of the world. Furthermore, resort stays are genuinely an escape route from the pressure caused by work, businesses or even relationships. To make this a unique experience, you could also include spa day, guided tours, sunset dinner among others.

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

 For adventurous people or for those who dream of experiencing a balloon ride, a hot air balloon ride will make it easy for them to fulfil their aspiration. 

  • Concert and other event tickets

 A concert is one of the popular social activities that can easily sell especially if you are partnering with a popular performer or a celebrity. Your guests will place higher bids just to experience great music with great people. Likewise, popular events like sports and championships are also very reliable in generating funds. To make this a hassle-free and memorable experience, you could include in the package the transportation cost, the overnight stay in a hotel, or dinner cost. In this way, your guests will have a comfortable and satisfying escapade.  You will likely attract more bidders if they know that the whole package is taken care of. Moreover, the guests will surely bid fervently knowing that you only have limited tickets for sale.

  •  Classic Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour

Wine tasting with a vineyard tour package is also an important addition to your silent auction item. Your supporters will always love the idea of supporting your cause and raising funds with wine. Truly, a classic and elegant activity that attracts almost every age bracket. A vineyard tour is also a great opportunity to see how wine is made and bottled. Wine lovers will also take the opportunity to buy their favourite brands.  Moreover, there are options on how you could set up wine tasting activity. You could also take advantage of an online wine auction service where you can sell your wines online to your supporters.

  • Jewellery 

There is no greater satisfaction than winning a bid on an auctioned jewellery. Jewellery is the one item that absolutely brings in large donations. This is because anyone is almost interested to bid for beautiful and expensive jewellery. Consequently, a customed designed jewellery is another option to obtain larger profit.

  • Fancy Dinner For Two

Couples will dive for the opportunity to dine in a fancy restaurant that serves five-course meals. Anyone can just eat at a normal restaurant, but sometimes, it takes a lifetime opportunity to experience dining in a world-class restaurant. 

  •  Sports Memorabilia

For any sports enthusiasts, sports memorabilia can get you to raise funds for a signed jersey, or athletic gear. Although your male attendees will usually bid for such items, lady fans will also take the chance to get hold of these items. The advantage of this is that you could always ask help from your local sports team to give a donation through signed balls or pictures for your auction.

  • Golf Activity At An Exclusive Club

Many donors would love to spend the day with friends or family playing golf at a private club. To make this activity more appealing, you could include a club membership entry once they bid for the item.

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