The perfect live auction is well-planned and organised. It takes into account the needs and wants of the attendees and the goals of the organisation hosting the event. Live auctions can be a great way to raise money for a cause or promote awareness for an issue, but only if executed correctly.

What Are Live Auctions? 

 If you are looking for exciting fundraising ideas, do a live auction. A live auction is a type in which the items are sold in real time, with the highest bidder winning. This type of auction is often used for high-value items or those that would be difficult to sell through another method.

Live auctions can be held online or in person and usually require pre-registration and payment to participate.

Why Host a Live Auction? 

 There are a few reasons why you should host a live auction. You may have a lot of items to sell or you’re trying to raise money for a good cause. Whatever the reason, hosting a live charity auction can get people interested in what you’re selling.

 One of the best things about live auctions is that they can be a lot of fun. If you’re hosting an auction for a fundraising charity, you can get people to donate money whilst having a good time. And if you’re selling items, you can get people to bid against each other and drive the price.

Other benefits of a live auction are:

 You get to see the items in person before you bid on them. This is important because you can inspect the items to ensure they are in good condition and that you are getting what you expect.

  • You can get a better price for the items you want. Often, people will bid more when they are in person and can see the item up close. This is because they are less likely to be taken advantage of online.
  • You can meet the seller in person. This is important if you have questions about the items or want to negotiate a better price.
  • You can see the other bidders in person. This is important because you can get an idea of who your competition is and how much they are willing to pay for the items.
  • You can have fun! Live auctions are often very exciting and can be fun to watch.

How Do Live Auctions Work?

 During live auctions, the auctioneer calls out an item for bid and then starts the bidding at a certain price. 

Bidders then compete against each other by bidding higher and higher prices until only one bidder remains. That bidder wins the auction and pays the final bid price for the item.

No matter what type of live auction you’re attending, it’s important to remember that the auctioneer is always in control. They have the final say on what happens during the auction, and they can end the auction at any time. 

How to Plan a Live Auction

 If you’re interested in learning how to plan and conduct a live auction as part of your fundraising effort, here are a few things you’ll need to do. 

  • Venue 

You’ll need to find a venue that is big enough to accommodate your event and has the necessary amenities, such as a stage, lighting and sound equipment.

  • Auction Items

You’ll also need to secure charity auction items, which local businesses or individuals can donate. 

  • Promote

Once you have secured the venue and auction items, you’ll need to promote your event to potential bidders. This can be done through various marketing channels, such as social media, email marketing and print advertising. 

  • Setting Up

On the event day, you’ll need to set up the auction items, conduct the bidding and close out the event. To do this effectively, you need a credible team who are well versed in this type of fundraising event. 

  • Proxy Bidding

 If you’re looking to add an element of excitement and competition to your live auction, consider using a bidding system that allows for proxy bidding. Proxy bidding is a system where bidders can place bids on behalf of other bidders who are not present at the event. 

This can help increase the final bid amount for each item and add fun and intrigue to the event. To learn more about proxy bidding and how to set it up for your live auction, consult with a professional auctioneer.

Whatever type of live auction you decide to conduct especially for fundraising, be sure to promote it effectively and plan everything out in advance. By taking the time to do this, you can ensure that your event is successful and runs smoothly. 

Tips for Making Your Live Auction a Success

Need more tips for having a successful live auction? Here are some of them:

 Make sure that your auction items are of high quality and in demand.

  1. Get good publicity for your fundraising event.
  2. Ensure that your venue is conducive to bidding.
  3. Have plenty of staff on hand to assist with the charity auction.
  4. Keep the energy up throughout the event.
  5. Make sure you have a plan for post-auction follow-up.

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