List of Awesome Auction Item Ideas For Your Next Fundraiser

When it comes to fundraising, having the right items to bid on is key to a successful fundraiser charity auction. The popularity of your auction items can mean attracting a large number of bidders. As more people bid for the item, the price increases. In return, it will also attract the highest possible price, thereby maximising your profits. 

Whether you are organising a live or a silent auction, your items must not only target your revenue goal but exceed your donors’ expectations. But how can you be creative when securing charity auction items? You can do your research and put together a list of popular items. Alternatively, you can take advantage of hiring the expertise of professional auction organisers. In this way, you will get the greatest return on your investments by procuring items that are worth bidding on. 

What Sells Best at Charity Auctions?

Between finding the best venue or obtaining participants and meticulous planning, procuring unique and exciting items can ignite your auction success.

Unlike other fundraising events, charity auctions provide the audience with the freedom to bid and win. But in order to drive your audience to participate, you have to create the right atmosphere. And this means procuring the right auction items. This is because your charity auction items must be the things that your participants want to bid on. 

1. Travel Packages

When it comes to live auction items for charity, luxurious travel packages are a top seller. For one, this type of auction item has a significant impact on individuals with differing demographics and donor bases. Your package may include:

  • Vacation getaways
  • Helicopter rides
  • Private boat cruise 
  • Winery tasting and tour.

2. Staycation Packages

You will want to offer this item to your donors if they don’t have the luxury to travel long distances. This can still be a luxurious trip but will include a wide range of activities:

  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Hotel stay gift cards
  • Theme park tickets
  • Weekend getaways.

3. VIP Tour Packages

VIP tours are another exceptional auction item that will also generate high bids. 

  • Private sunset and harbour cruise
  • VIP seating to a Broadway show
  • Hot air balloon. 

4. Memorabilia

High-value memorabilia brings in large auction revenues because of its sentimental value. Look for items that are signed by a celebrated public figure.

  • Sports memorabilia
  • Vintage photographs
  • Signed instrument
  • Historical memorabilia.

5. Artworks

Finding masterpieces is also a good option. Examples are:

  • John Olsen’s Five Bells framed print.
  • Paul Cezanne’ Nature-Morte watercolour print
  • Gillie and Marc artwork pieces 
  • Andy Warhol’s Roy Lichtenstein.

What Makes a Good Auction Item?

Just like any other auction, the best silent auction items are notable and unique. These items must fit your audience’s preferences. Are your participants singles, retirees, sports fanatics, wine or art enthusiasts? If you know your audience, it will be easy for you to find the items that fit their needs. 

Depending on your target audience, silent auctions are a great way to increase your organisation’s profit, at the same time, encourage your supporters to donate for a cause. Many fundraising charity events are not complete without the creative and highly coveted items. Hence, a good silent auction item has to offer quality that will raise more funds.

For instance, you want to include creative artwork in your silent auction event. Unique artwork is one of charity’s prized possessions. So, as an organiser, you have to obtain artworks that will sell best at auctions. Art pieces are also important because they somehow create a positive impact where it matters. Your participants will want to buy quality art at reasonable prices. 

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

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