Opinion: Ballot Bidding® or Electronic Silent Auction?

Ballot Bidding or Electronic Silent Auctions for charity fundraisers

Ballot Bidding® or Electronic Silent Auction: Which format is best for your event?

Choosing the right auction format for your fundraising event is key to achieving your fundraising goal. Not sure which is the best format to raise as much money as possible for your charity? We can help! Here are some unique features of paper-based Ballot Bidding as well as technology-based Electronic Silent Auction systems:

BALLOT BIDDING®: Classic paper-and-pen silent auction format

Cut to the chase: Ask your guests for their maximum auction bid once and eliminate back and forth “penny bidding”. Keep them tuned in to your speakers rather than constantly checking their silent auction bids.

Maximise bids for your charity: This “blind” method encourages guests think about possible bids from other guests. It encourages bidding at or as close to as possible to their personal maximum bid. This helps to ensure your fundraising auction raises as much as possible.

Sell multiple auction items for your charity: When available, we facilitate selling more than one of an auction item to the top bidders. Yes, that means the amount you fundraise multiplies!

Let us do the work: Our team will design, print, and distribute our Ballot Bidding® forms to your guests’ seats at no cost. We seamlessly incorporate all items available at your event.

ELECTRONIC SILENT AUCTIONS: Electronic auction system using tablets, smart phones, and event screens.

Bidding on auction items without borders: We provide you with a link to an online version of your auction. Share it via email or social media and collect bids from contacts worldwide.

Flexible auction item list: Silent auction technology allows you to enjoy a limitless number of silent auction items. It is also designed to be in a flexible digital format.

Communicate and up-sell for your charity: Messages can be sent directly to your guests during the night via SMS. Use the electronic silent auction technology to promote higher bids by enticing competitive bidding. You can also use the auction software to remind guests about important information about the auction.

We believe that both electronic silent auctions and classic paper-based silent auctions are fantastic in their own way. They engage guests and both are effective at raising funds. However, we recognise that they are very different approaches.

Contact our team and let’s have a conversation about which format will work best for your next event. 

Helping Hand Group supports Operation Smile Australia

We were proud to be out lending a helping hand at the wonderful Smile Gala, hosted by Operation Smile Australia recently.

Money raised through the Smile Gala will benefit Operation Smile Australia’s medical programs and help ensure our continued success in providing the highest-quality of care to patients around the world. Their medical volunteers dedicate their time and expertise on missions to help provide exceptional surgical care to children with cleft and craniofacial conditions.

Our wonderful event team supported the event with a state-of-the-art Electronic Silent Auction system – great way to engage with guests and encourage bids!

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Helping Hand Group Supports The Smile of the Child

We were proud to be out lending a helping hand at the beautiful Doltone House Sylvania Waters recently for The Smile of the Child, hosted by Konstantina Angelique Gribilas Fund.

The Smile of The Child’s main objective is to deal with problems children encounter, provide services to children 365 days per year, and aid children with physical, mental, educational and spiritual needs regardless of ethnicity or financial position. Their goal is to raise funds to purchase a specialized medical unit to cater for the needs of each child and expand their services to an even larger group.

Our specialised event staff were supporting the Electronic Silent Auction, Live Auction, as well as our award-winning Last Donors Standing! We ensure all guests are assisted as needed while they get acquainted with the auction technology.

Thank you to The Smile of the Child team for having us!

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