Helping Hand Group’s $10,000 Golden Hand Paddle a hit!

Looking for a good fundraising idea for your next fundraising event or corporate Gala?

Helping Hand Group continues to lead the fundraising world by providing innovative ways to engage guests and inspire giving. In 2018,  the team developed a brand new way to take fundraising events to the next level. The $10,000 Golden Hand Paddle provides an instant boost to the amount of money available to bid on your auction items. It starts with an exciting raffle that sees one lucky event guest win the pot ($10,000) to bid on any auction item. Then, this winner can bid competitively against other guests on items to help drive up the value of bids. In the end, the Golden Hand Paddle pot is donated to your cause.

With several Golden Hand Paddle auctions successfully conducted, it is safe to say that nothing beats the excitement and fun of this innovative way to raise an additional $10,000 from your fundraising auction!

Want to learn more? Read more about the $10,000 Golden Hand Paddle here.

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