What Are Silent Auction Ideas During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Silent Auction Ideas During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a challenge for many events, including live auctions, because of the many factors that should be considered before conducting one. However, a good cause shouldn’t be hindered. If you’re looking to raise funds for your charity organisation, you can choose among the many silent auction ideas available. 

A silent auction is a fun, engaging and enjoyable way to raise money for an organisation. It’s flexible and can be used in different types of events and audiences. 

How does a silent auction work? 

In this type of auction, a bidder uses paper bid sheets or bidding software to place their highest bid before time runs out. An online silent auction is also possible.

If you want to host a silent auction event for your not-for-profit organisation, here are some ideas that can help you out. All of these are available offerings at Helping Hand Group, and you can get them on a consignment-type basis.

Holiday Trips 

Cabin fever is real and common during the pandemic. This is one reason why a getaway from the daily rhythm is definitely an offer that is hard to pass. 

Holiday trips or travel packages are one of the best unique silent auction ideas because they really work. They never fail to attract a lot of attention in a fundraising auction event. An amazing South African safari, an ultimate Singapore experience, a Sunshine Coast holiday and a week in a Phuket hideaway are some of the items no one would like to miss. 

Unique Event Experiences

People would love to unwind outdoors after being indoors for quite a while. An overnight cruise on the world’s best harbour, Sydney, driving the exhilarating Tesla Roadster for 3 days and a celebrity golf game with the football legend Craig Wing are all unique silent auction ideas that offer one of a kind experience. A helicopter ride in the Hunter Valley and a private discovery sailing day package on Sydney Harbour are also interesting offers. 

Food and Beverage Experiences

Good food and drinks are not always easy to come by. Teaming up with a local restaurant or wine shop that would be willing to donate or work with you is a great way to get these auction items that are sure to please.

At Helping Hand Group, we offer a craft brewery tour, a masterclass on the art of coffee-making, a private wine-tasting experience, a Red Lantern’s inside and out private banquet, a private dining experience, an ultimate foodies adventure and more.

Signed Memorabilia 

People tend to idolize their favourite public figures, so signed memorabilia from these celebrities will definitely bring in great revenues. Signed memorabilia has so much sentimental or nostalgic value. It is also rare and valuable. Depending on your potential guests and supporters, you could get an item that’s very limited in supply and can command a higher demand.

Signed memorabilia can be sport, musical or historical items. There are a lot of possibilities for these auction items. Imagine a signed UFC glove by Conor McGregor, a Golden State Warriors jersey from Stephen Curry and a tennis racquet from Roger Federer? A signed photo of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, an acoustic guitar from Justin Bieber and a microphone from Elton John are also some items that fans would like to get a hold of.



What makes art a good option as a silent auction item is that bidders can check on it without feeling rushed. You can ask local artists to donate their work and in return, you give them recognition and tickets to your fundraiser event.

Paul Cezanne’s Portrait De Vallier and Nature-Morte watercolour prints, Pablo Picasso’s Les Pigeons framed print and Gillie and Marc’s hand-signed limited edition print of ‘They always had a laugh when at Luna Park’ are some incredible items for display.

Jewellery and Watches

You can also offer jewellery with great price points in a silent auction. Many people find auctions as a great way to get unique and cost-effective jewellery pieces. At Helping Hand Group, we offer stunning and elegant rings that will surely get attention. We have a three-stone diamond and white gold braid ring, diamond and white gold ring wrap, as well as a three-stone diamond and white gold ring set.


Fashion is another good idea to include in a silent auction. High-end items from designer favourites are sure to do well. An example of this is a bespoke men’s two-piece suit, custom made by Master Tailors and hand-measured in your own home or office.

How Do I Make the Most Money in a Silent Auction? 

The goal of organising a silent auction is to raise as much money as you can. You can achieve it by considering the following:

Get Desirable Items

You need to be smart in choosing what items to bid on because desirable items get the most bids. You must look for unique silent auction ideas, and take advantage of the bidders’ interest in looking for the best items. The team also needs to dedicate enough time to do proper research, including what auction items to avoid. 

Market the Items

In order for silent auction ideas to be successful, you need to excite your guests and stir up interest and anticipation. Promote the items by creating an online event website. Advertise all the items and slowly update the site when new items are procured. By doing this, bidders will know what items they would like to get and how much they will be spending on your auction event. This will encourage them to get tickets to your event in order to get the item they want.

Collaborate with Sponsors

Collaboration can help your organisation save some costs and increase bidding outcomes. These sponsors can donate items to be included in your bidding, help boost the visibility of the event and contribute to the planning expenses. In return, your organisation will acknowledge and promote these brands to the public during the event and on the website. 

Are Silent Auctions Profitable?

Silent auctions are profitable when they are handled properly. They can help your organisation in hitting your funding goal. However, it takes a lot of work. Your team needs to spend a significant amount of time in setting up the event, looking for sponsors, coming up with items and auction items to avoid, cataloguing it, creating promotion and generating interest from bidders that will eventually translate to their participation in the bidding event.

How Much Can You Make From a Silent Auction?

In general, unique silent auction ideas can contribute up to 33% of revenue, and items under silent auctions can yield up to 50%-65% of their total market value. However, you need to determine first the amount of money you need to raise so you can determine what needs to be done in order to meet the goal. 

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

The truth is, organising an auction event requires certain types of skills and experience to make a charity event a success. We, at Helping Hand Group, know what it takes to help boost funding goals for your not-for-profit organisation. 

Our team can help you from planning to execution and make your fundraising event stress-free and successful. With more than 20 years of experience and offices not only in Australia but also in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore, we are experts in the fundraising field. For more details about our services, contact us today.