Opinion: Ballot Bidding® or Electronic Silent Auction?

Ballot Bidding® or Electronic Silent Auction: Which format is best for your event?

Choosing the right auction format for your fundraising event is key to achieving your fundraising goal. Not sure which is the best format for your event? We can help!

Here are some unique features of each format:

BALLOT BIDDING®: Classic paper-and-pen bidding

Cut to the chase: Ask your guests for their maximum bid once and eliminate back and forth “penny bidding”. Keep them tuned in to your speakers rather than constantly checking their silent auction bids.

Sell multiples: When available, we can facilitate selling more than one of an item to the top bidders. Yes, that means the amount you raise multiplies!

Let us do the work: Our team will design, print, and distribute our Ballot Bidding® forms to your guests’ seats at no cost. We seamlessly incorporate all items available at your event.

ELECTRONIC SILENT AUCTIONS: Electronic system using tablets, smart phones, and event screens.

Bidding without borders: We provide you with a link to your auction that you can share via email or social media and collect bids from contacts worldwide.

Flexible item list: Enjoy a limitless number of silent auction items and the flexibility of a digital format.

Communicate and sell: Messages can be sent directly to your guests during the night via SMS. Push for higher bids by enticing competitive bidding and remind guests about important information about the auction.

We believe that both formats are fantastic ways to engage guests and successfully raise funds but recognise that they are two very different approaches.

Contact our team and let’s have a conversation about which format will work best for your next event. 

Helping Hand Group Ballot Bidding®: A Great Way to Maximise your Fundraising.

Let us do the work for you! We design and print Ballot Bidding® forms that include all of the items available for the fundraising auction of your event. This includes any items that you have amassed as well as any items supplied by our team. We integrate all items into a seamless, professional, presentation that is specially-branded for your event.

Guests are given one chance to lodge their max bid against the items that interest them and multiples can sometimes be sold! Our expert team is made available to assist guests with bidding, to answer questions, and handle all payments at the end.

Check out our other auction formats that may suit your next event: http://helpinghand.com.au/auction-formats/