Top Reasons Why You Should Fundraise

Fundraising is crucial to any non-profit organisation, charity or cause-driven initiative. It solicits and gathers monetary donations or other resources from individuals, businesses,or other organisations to support a specific mission or objective. The funds raised through fundraising campaigns are used to finance various initiatives, such as research, programs, events or capital campaigns, that align with the organisation’s mission.

Why Should You Fundraise? 

Fundraising is vital in enabling organisations to achieve their goals and positively impact communities. It provides the resources necessary to develop and implement new programs, expand existing initiatives and make meaningful changes in the lives of people. It also helps organisations maintain their financial stability and independence, allowing them to continue their work sustainably.

As an essential aspect of many organisations and causes, there are a variety of reasons why you should fundraise. Here are some of the most common reasons why organisations engage in fundraising:

  •  Supporting Specific Causes And Charities

One of the primary reasons for fundraising is to support a specific cause or charity, such as medical research, environmental protection or disaster relief. These organisations raise funds to support their missions and initiatives, often focused on finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

  • Financing Capital Campaigns

Another common reason for fundraising is to finance capital campaigns, such as the construction of a new building or facility. These campaigns require significant resources, and organisations must turn to their supporters to help finance the project.

  • Providing Essential Services

Many organisations raise funds to provide essential services to those in need, such as food, shelter and medical care. These organisations often serve vulnerable populations, and fundraising is critical to ensuring they have the resources necessary to continue their work.

Why Fundraising Matters

You might think that the reasons or goals mentioned can be achieved without asking people to donate. So, why should you fundraise? Why can’t organisations earn money on their own without relying on others? 

Whilst it is true that some organisations may have the resources to generate funds on their own, most organisations rely on the support of others to achieve their goals. Here are a few reasons why organisations can’t just raise money on their own:

  • Provides more resources

Most organisations have limited workforces, time or financial resources. By gaining support from others, organisations can tap into a larger pool of resources, which allows them to achieve their goals more effectively.

  • Flexibility

Funds raised through fundraising campaigns can support a wide range of initiatives, programs and services. This gives organisations the flexibility to respond to changing needs and priorities.

  • Building Relationships

Fundraising allows organisations to engage with their supporters and build relationships with them. This not only strengthens the organisation’s financial base but also helps to create a sense of ownership and involvement among supporters, who feel that their contributions are making a tangible difference.

  • Raising Awareness

Fundraising campaigns are often designed to raise awareness about the organisation’s mission, goals and impact. This helps to build a community of supporters, create a culture of giving and generate more support for the organisation.

  • Efficient Use Of Resources

Fundraising often involves many supporters, which allows organisations to maximise the impact of their resources. A single fundraising campaign can generate significant support, making it an efficient and effective way to generate resources.

How Can You Raise Funds?

There are a plethora of fundraising ideas that can help you gather support and resources. However, finding the best methods for your organisation’s unique needs is important.

One effective way to raise funds is through individual donations. This can be done through direct mail campaigns, online fundraising platforms and personal appeals. Another option is to apply for grants from foundations, corporations and government agencies. These grants typically have specific criteria and requirements, so organisations must submit proposals to be considered for funding.

Events, such as charity walks, auctions and galas, are also popular ways to raise funds and build community support. These provide an opportunity to engage with supporters, raise awareness about the organisation’s mission and generate funds. 

Helping Hand Group: Lending You a Helping Hand

You can be inspired by many fundraising ideas to raise money for a good cause. If you need assistance in organising your next fundraising event, the Helping Hand Group is here to help.

We can help you organise auctions at no cost whatsoever. We can make back all the costs we incur by allowing us to bring some of our own items and auction them off at your event. We require no additional fee, allowing you to spend all your resources on the things that truly matter. 

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What Are Some Good Fundraiser Ideas?

Raising funds means obtaining financial assistance for a specific objective or group. It is a vital part of operating any nonprofit organisation or charitable initiative, enabling these entities to continue their meaningful work. Without fundraising, many groups could not provide the assistance and resources they currently do to those who need them.

There are various ways organisations and causes can raise funds, including through events, contributions, grants and more. Each approach has its pros and cons, and organisations must carefully evaluate the most effective methods. Furthermore, in recent years, digital platforms, such as social media and crowdfunding have become increasingly prevalent, providing additional fundraising options. 

Fundraising is essential for ensuring the success and longevity of any organisation or cause. Let’s find out what are good fundraiser ideas you can consider in your next event.

Examples of Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising events are common for organisations to collect funds for different causes. If you’re planning for one, here are a few fundraising ideas to try. 

Charity Run/Walk

A well-known type of fundraiser is a charity run or walk. These events usually involve individuals raising money through sponsorships and then completing a particular route, either on foot or bicycle. Charity runs and walks are an excellent way to raise awareness for a cause whilst encouraging fitness and healthy living. 

Bake Sale

Another popular type of fundraiser is a bake sale, where individuals or groups bake and sell goods, with the proceeds going towards a specific cause. These events are a great way to raise money and unite a community.  

Auction Fundraisers

If you’re curious about what are good fundraiser ideas, then you need to know about auctions.

Auction fundraisers are becoming more common fundraising ideas for organisations to raise money whilst providing participants a fun and interactive experience. These events bring together community members to bid on various items, such as artwork or vacation packages, all whilst supporting a good cause. There are different types of auction fundraisers to choose from, each with unique features.

  • Silent Auctions

A silent auction is a type of auction in which bidders write their bids down on a sheet of paper or card, as opposed to bidding verbally as in a traditional auction. The highest bidder is typically the person who writes down the highest bid, and the auctioneer will often announce the highest bid at regular intervals, but the actual bid amounts are not disclosed. Silent auctions are often used as a fundraising method for charitable organisations and non-profits, and can also be used to sell goods or services.

  • Live Auctions

Another type is the live auction, which is more formal and typically led by a professional auctioneer who conducts the bidding process in real time in front of a live audience. These auctions can be organised  in various locations, such as auction houses, museums, galleries and even online.

  • Online Auctions

Online auctions allow bidding to happen remotely, often through a website or software, where bidders can participate from anywhere with an Internet connection. These auctions may be timed, with a fixed period during which bids can be placed, or they may be ‘live’ auctions, where bidders can see the current bid and place their own bid in real-time.

To plan and organise an auction fundraiser, it’s crucial to establish a clear goal and budget for the event. Sourcing items for the auction can be done through donations from local businesses and community members and procuring items at a discounted rate. Setting up the auction can be done through physical bid sheets or online bidding platforms, and promoting the event can be done through social media, local advertisements, and email marketing. 

Fundraising Best Practices

A clear fundraising idea and a well-planned budget are vital for the success of an event. Defining a specific goal enables the organisers to focus their efforts and track their progress towards achieving it. On the other hand, a budget ensures that the event remains financially viable and helps organisers make informed decisions regarding expenses.

To maximise revenue in an auction, there are a few best practices that organisers can follow. One approach is to set the price low for items or experiences. This can generate more interest and bidding activity. Another effective strategy is to group items into themed lots. This can increase the perceived value of the items and motivate bidders. Offering unique experiences like behind-the-scenes tours or VIP packages can also boost revenue. Other suggestions include the following:

  • Providing various payment methods to customers can increase their convenience and likelihood of purchasing.
  • Highlighting a product’s limited availability or time-sensitive deals can create a sense of urgency and drive sales.
  • Collaborating with other nearby companies can help to expand your customer base and support the local community.
  • Social media platforms can be a powerful way to connect with potential customers and promote your products or services.
  • A clear and compelling call to action, such as ‘buy now’ or ‘sign up today’, can encourage potential customers to take the desired action

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

To sum up, organisations can choose from many fundraising ideas, but it’s crucial to pick one that aligns with your group’s purpose and objectives. What are good fundraiser ideas? Some of the most common choices include silent auctions and live auctions, which can be quite effective when executed correctly.

If your organisation is seeking a reliable and seasoned provider of auction services, check us out at the Helping Hand Group. We are specialists in live and silent auctions. We offer a full range of services, from planning to advertising and execution, that will make your event a success.

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Choosing the Best Fundraising Idea for Your Project

In a crowded and competitive environment where many non-profits are seeking help at the same time, it is difficult for many organisations to acquire new donors and retain existing ones, as well as maintain a sufficient level of public profile. The good thing is, when properly executed, fundraising events can directly address all of these issues. 

Choosing the appropriate fundraiser is the most crucial choice you will make. The timing of each fundraiser, the quality of the merchandise, selling and delivery considerations, and, ultimately, your organisation’s net profit are important factors.

To help you make decisions and negotiate with donors, many fundraising consultants are now offering their services. You can count on the Helping Hand Group to assist you with all of your fundraising ideas in Australia.

How to Determine the Best Fundraising Idea

Whilst there is no universally agreed-upon definition of the ‘best’ fundraising ideas, you can narrow down your options for successful fundraising by considering your goal and the existing support system (who will give to your campaign). If you’re a non-profit, you likely rely on a consistent revenue stream to fund your good work. Both short-term and long-term success will be dependent upon the fundraising strategies you employ.


  • Type of event—A fundraiser is an event designed to raise awareness and support for the mission of an organisation. All events have the potential to be transformed into fundraising opportunities. This may include concerts, silent auctions, half marathons and even neighbourhood cookouts. The type of events can be the following: gala, silent auctions, donor appreciation or live/online auctions.
  • Budget—Estimating event expenses can help you stay on budget and avoid wasting time or money. Expenses always bring surprises, so always update your event’s expenses. This fundraising event budget includes venue rental, marketing, food and beverages, entertainers, prizes and a non-profit event management platform.
  • Expertise—Raising money for a cause requires fundraising skills, such as marketing, budgeting and event planning. These traits help fundraisers convince the public to donate. 

Moreover, if you have a team of experts, your fundraising campaign will be successful. However, if you don’t have the time or skills to organise an event, it’s best to hire a professional fundraiser.

  • Size and demographics of the audience—Age, education level and occupation are obvious ways to segment your non-profit’s audience. Demographics can also be used to improve audience location.
  • Type of sponsors—Event sponsorship can take many forms. Some offer charging stations and product naming rights. Non-profits can be sponsored in four ways: financial, media, in-kind and promotional.

The Process of Fundraising

When planning a fundraising event, find a balance between what you hope to raise and what’s possible. Don’t set unrealistic goals. Setting them too high will lead to disappointment and discouragement for all. If you set them too low, you and your team won’t feel challenged and will know you could have done more.

  • Create a plan—Find out about the people who run the organisation. This part of the plan explains who is in charge of the organisation, who its key employees are and what each volunteer can do.
  • Choose a type of fundraiser—There are many different ways to raise money, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method. Find one that suits your needs and budget..
  • Create your campaign materials—The most convincing fundraising materials all talk about what the programs do, like how they help kids, treat cancer patients or protect people’s rights. They let people know about the animals they save and the people they help.
  • Promote your fundraiser—Putting information about your event on your website is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the word out.
  • Target new donors but take care of your existing ones—Donors, board members and volunteers you already have are a great way to find new donors. Who do they have with them at events? Who shares the things you post on social media? Nurture the relationships you already have. It’s not just about taking care of donors well. It makes you look better in the eyes of people who might hire you.
  • Evaluate your success—For long-term fundraising to go well, you need to be organised, build trust with your audience and be yourself. Think about why this is important to you, how it will make a difference, and why people should give money to your cause.

What Is the Easiest Fundraiser?

The goal of any fundraiser for a non-profit is to get as many donations as possible whilst spending as little money as possible. This way, you can put more money towards your mission instead of paying for things like rent and utilities.


  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising—P2P fundraising is when individuals raise money on behalf of your non-profit. Each fundraiser creates its unique campaign page and shares it with its networks. The best part about P2P fundraising is that it doesn’t cost anything for your non-profit to get started.
  • Concerts—Concerts for charity might look like any other concert you’ve been to: musicians play for an audience on stage. Since they’re all there for the same reason, performers may also talk about the concert and why it’s so important to donate. You can also auction tickets to this type of concert as part of the fundraiser.
  • Tournaments—Putting on a tournament isn’t just a great way to raise money. You can encourage new people to join your club and play. And it’s the perfect way to get your whole family involved in your sport.
  • Auctions—Charity auctions, whether they are live, silent or online, are ways to raise money by having people bid on items and packages.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Charity fundraising can boost your group’s activities and give members new opportunities. It can also help a financially needy community member. 

To help you to kickstart your event, seeking professional help for all the overwhelming list of starting fundraising is a great start. At the Helping Hand Group, we provide full-service support for your nonprofit to ensure your fundraiser is a success. From start to finish, we will help you plan, promote and execute your auction event. Call us now.

Choosing the Right Auction Service Provider

When it comes to fundraising, auctions can be a great way to bring in money for your cause. Whether it is a live auction or a silent auction, auctions are fast, efficient and often generate more money than other methods. However, the success of an auction is highly dependent on the auction service provider.

If you choose poorly, for example, someone who may not be experienced in running successful auctions, you are increasing the risk of your auction items not fetching the high prices that you were hoping for. If you choose someone who is not familiar with the type of event that you are hosting, they may not be able to provide the necessary services and support that you need. Likewise, if you get someone who is not a good fit for your event, they may not be able to provide the level of customer service and support that you expect.

With the right auction service provider, you can maximise your profits and simplify the process so you can focus on what matters most. But, with so many companies offering auction services, how do you choose which one is right for you?

Here, we will outline some of the things to consider when selecting an auction service provider for your next live or silent auction. We will give you some tips on choosing the right auction service provider for your next fundraising activity. So, read on to know more!

How to Choose the Right Auction Service Provider For Your Organisation

Deciding to use an auction service provider is a big decision for any organisation. There are a lot of factors to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:

    • Size of Your Organisation

Are you a large corporation with multiple locations or a small local business? The size of your organisation will be one of the biggest factors in determining which auction service provider is right for you.

    • Type of Auction You Need

What type of auction do you need? Do you need a live auction with in-person bidding or an online auction that anyone can participate in from anywhere in the world? Make sure the provider you choose offers the type of auction you need.

    • Your Budget

Auction service providers can vary widely in price. Make sure you know how much you are willing to spend before you start looking.

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Auction Service Provider

If you are considering using an auction service provider to make your fundraising event a success, choose one that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. To help you make the best decision, here are six key questions to ask:

1. What Services Do You Offer?

Make sure the company offers a comprehensive range of services, from online auction management and marketing to on-site support and post-sale follow-up.

2. What Is Your Expertise?

You want a company that is knowledgeable about the type of auction you are interested in. If you are looking to sell a piece of art, for example, you will want to find an auctioneer who specialises in art auctions.

3. What Is Your Track Record?

Find out how long the company has been in business and ask for references from satisfied clients. It would also not hurt to do your research as well. A quick online search should turn up any complaints or red flags.

4. What Are Your Fees?

Be sure to get a complete breakdown of all charges so there are no surprises down the road. Some sites take a percentage of each sale, whilst others charge a flat fee. Make sure you understand what you’re being charged and that it’s in line with what other companies are charging.

5. What Is Your Guarantee?

Find out what kind of guarantee or satisfaction policy the company offers. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a reputable company that stands behind its services.

6. How Do You Deal With Customers?

Take a close look at the customer service options. Is there a live chat? Phone support? Email? Find a company where you can easily get in touch with someone if you have any questions or problems.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Auctions are a great way to maximise profits. By creating competition among buyers, you can ensure that you get the best possible price for your item. They are also quick and convenient. Once the auction is set up, whether it is a live auction or a silent auction, all you need to do is wait for the bids to come in. This is a much simpler process than setting up a traditional sale, which can often take weeks or even months.

If you are looking for an auction service provider with experience, expertise and great customer service, look no further than the Helping Hand Group. We provide full event support from pre-event planning to live event support and post-event review to ensure your fundraising event runs as smoothly as possible.

With over 20 years of experience, our team of professional and charismatic auctioneers will be able to handle all of the paperwork and logistics so that you can focus on your charity or property.

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Fundraiser Ideas: Tips For Planning a Successful Fundraising Event

Have you ever been to a fundraising event? If so, then you know that they can be a great way to raise money for a worthy cause. But what if you’re the one in charge of organising an event? Where do you start?

There are many different fundraising event ideas to choose from, and the best option will depend on your audience and your goals. For example, if you’re raising money for a charity or non-profit organisation, you might want to consider hosting a bake sale, car wash or silent auction.

If you’re looking to profit from the event, then you might want to consider charging an admission fee or selling merchandise. No matter what your goals are, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Which Fundraising Idea Is Best?

Running a good fundraising project takes time and effort on your part as a fundraising organiser. No matter what kind of fundraiser ideas you want to utilise for your fundraising campaign, your effort is still very important as you are the one leading everybody in your organisation.

One popular option is to hold a charity auction. This can be done by soliciting donations from local businesses and then auctioning off the items to the highest bidder

The most important thing is to plan and collect fundraising ideas that will ensure your event is a success and well organised. By taking the time to develop a solid plan, you’ll increase your chances of success and ensure that your fundraising event is a success!

But what are some key tips for having a successful fundraising event?

What Are The Steps to Take to Make Your Fundraising Event a Success?

A fundraising event is only successful if it meets its fundraising goals. Building a solid fundraising plan ahead of time is a great way to not lose track of your event. Let’s check out a few suggestions to kickstart your event.

• Have a Well-Thought Plan

What is the main goal of your fundraising event? This should be the first order of business you have to solidify. The main goal will be the heart of your event. All the things you must think about will fall into place if you have your goal straightened out from the very start.

• Know Your Target Audience

Inviting the right people for the charity event will guarantee that the items you want to auction will be sold. Get the specific type of people for the event; it can be parents, young professionals or retirees. The list can be endless, but make sure to always go back to the main goal of your event. The key is to have a successful fundraising event that will have a huge impact on society.

• Market Your Event

People need to understand that the fundraising event you will have is worth the time and money. You need to ensure that there is adequate publicity for the event. Let them know the simple 5Ws and 1H of your event. 

  • What is the goal of the organisers? 
  • Where will the money go? 
  • Why does this fundraising or charitable event matter? 
  • When will the event happen, a weekend or a weekday? 
  • Who are the major people of this event? 
  • How will they get the auctioned items after the event has concluded?

In addition, choose a date that does not conflict with other events in the community. It is also important to select a venue that is appropriate for the type of event you will have.

• Have a Well-Organised Team of Volunteers

This is essential because you need people to help with set-up, clean-up and other tasks on the day of the event. Your team must have great communication skills and commitment to the cause. They should also know the importance of giving back to the community.

By taking these factors into account, you can increase the success of your fundraising           event.

How to Keep An Auction Going?

If you’re doing an auction, here are some tips to remember.

• Be Unique With the Items That You Want to Auction

From signed memorabilia of a celebrity or political figure and unique experiences like a fine dining at a 5-star restaurant or lounging in the pools of a famous hotel to destination tickets, your items should make the guest want to get them.

• Find a Theme That Has a ‘Wow’ Factor

Fancying a themed fundraising event? Why not try a Rock n’ Roll theme or sports-related theme? Maybe something fit for a king? It is really up to you and the fundraiser provider that you hired to pull up a very interesting and unique themed auction.

• Keep It Lively and Fun

Insert some entertainment in one of your events. A band to play for a short break or an entertaining game that keeps your guest up to their feet, active and ready for more auctions. But if you have a concert fundraising event that has the entertainment needed, you might want to try a raffle game to try and mix in the event.

• Get the Best Fundraising Event Provider That Will Handle Your Event

What is the advantage of getting the best fundraising event provider that will handle the planning to execution? This will not only save time, but it will prevent you from going over budget. With their system in place, along with the knowledge of budget keeping, these organisers are the best option to have.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about sourcing unique items to use for your event. Hiring an experienced fundraising event provider with years to backup their creativity will allow you to pick out fundraising ideas ready and available to your favour. 


Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Do you want fundraising ideas for charity that will make your auction a success and enjoyable? At Helping Hand Group, we provide assistance from the brainstorming plan until after the event. 

Imagine how easy it is to raise any non-profit or profited event with our unique fundraising ideas and items. See what we can do and check out the successful fundraising events that we have covered through the years that we are in service. Let us lend you a helping hand and plan your next fundraising event.

Fast Fundraising Ideas for Charity and Non-Profit Organisations

How important is it for charities and non-profit organisations to fundraise? 

Australian fundraising is an essential activity for charities and non-profit organisations. It allows them to continue their important work and make a positive impact in the world.

Fundraising is not just a means of raising money but also a way to promote the message and goals of a charity. After all, without the goals being clearly explained and set out, nobody would donate. 

However,  fundraising can be a difficult and time-consuming task. This is especially true for small charities and non-profit organisations, which may not have the manpower or resources to devote to a large fundraising campaign.

This is where fast fundraising ideas in Australia come in handy. Fast fundraising ideas are quick and easy ways to raise money. They require little planning and can be done with minimal resources.

When it comes to setting a fundraising event, professional help can be extremely useful. With reputable and qualified organisers like us at the Helping Hand Group, your charity or non-profit organisation can be sure that the event will run smoothly and be successful.

How Can You Raise Money For a Cause Quickly?

Charities, like all businesses, may need to explore generating numerous streams of income in an ever-changing climate to ensure their long-term viability. Newer methods for raising cash might include social investment (social or environmental impact), social impact bonds, community funding or crowdsourcing, micro-financing, as well as social media and digital tools campaigns.

There are many fast fundraising ideas out there, but not all of them will be suitable for every organisation. It is important to consider the goals of the organisation and the target audience before deciding on a particular fundraiser.

Essential Steps on How to Raise Money

  1. Research popular fast fundraising ideas and decide which one is best suited for your organisation.
  2. Create a plan and set some fundraising goals.
  3. Promote the fundraiser through social media, email or other channels.
  4. Get people to donate by providing them with incentives or rewards.
  5. Send out thank-you notes to donors and keep them updated on the progress of the fundraiser.

What Is the Easiest Fundraiser?

The most effective fundraising idea that is best for you will ultimately depend on your goals, resources and target audience. However, with a little research and planning, any organisation can find a fast fundraising idea that suits them.

Some popular fast fundraising ideas include:

  • Raffles

A raffle is a great way to raise money quickly and easily. All you need is a prize (or prizes) and some tickets. Raffles can be sold online or in person. To maximise profits, sell tickets at a higher price point than they cost to produce.

  • Bake Sales

Who doesn’t love baked goods? A  bake sale is a great way to raise money and awareness for your cause. All you need is some willing bakers and a good location. Bake sales can be held online or in person.

  • Garage Sales

A garage sale is a great way to declutter your home and raise money for your non-profit. You can ask for some donated items from your community. Garage sales can be held online or in person.

  • Online Giving

Online giving is a fantastic approach to reaching a bigger audience and generating funds. You can use your website and social media to solicit donations and set up a donation page. 

  • Text to Donate 

Text to donate is a great way to raise money quickly and easily. People can donate by simply sending a text message. All you need is a keyword and a shortcode. Text to donate can be used for one-time or recurring donations. 

When it comes to fast fundraising ideas, the possibilities are endless. Whilst these are all great ideas, it is important to remember that not every fundraiser will be successful. Make sure to do your research and plan to ensure that the fundraiser is well organised and promoted.

What Are the Most Profitable Fundraisers?

If you want to raise money, you have to consider competitive fundraising ideas. What this means is that you have to come up with an idea that will get people’s attention and encourage them to donate.

Competitive fundraising ideas are those that are creative and unique. They are also typically high energy and require a lot of planning and organisation. These profitable fundraisers are those that bring in the most money for the least amount of effort. With the many different types of fundraisers, some are more profitable than others.

Some of the most profitable fundraisers include:

  • Walkathons—A walkathon is a type of fundraising event in which participants complete a predetermined route. The length, style and subject of the walkathon are determined on an individual basis by the group. 

Walkathons are frequently held as annual events by many groups. They are a fantastic way to get your message out there and have some fun whilst doing it. They’re exciting, active and appealing to a wide range of people. Walkathons may be easily tailored to meet the needs of any company, offering significant marketing potential.

  • Bikeathons—A bikeathon is a great way to raise money and awareness for your cause. All you need is a group of willing participants and sponsors. Bikeathons can be held online or in person.
  • Bowl-a-thons—This event is a great way to raise money and have some fun. And they’re not only a way to bring people of all ages together; they may also be used as fundraisers for schools, nonprofit organisations and other causes. Now individuals from all around the country can join in on the action thanks to peer-to-peer and crowdfunding initiatives.
  • Golf tournaments—Golf tournaments are best suited for fundraising groups with a wide range of ages and abilities. If you have access to a golf course, this event can be an excellent way to raise money.
  • Auctions—An auction is a great way to raise money for your organisation. All you need is a  group of willing participants, sponsors and great auction items. Auctions can be held online or in person. They can also be silent or live.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Planning for an event is not at all easy. It can be tough to choose from all of the different types of fundraisers out there. 

If you need help with your fundraising event, the Helping Hand Group can help you. We help fundraising events with our auction items and full event assistance. Our electronic silent auction system, Ballot Bidding® programme and expert fundraising event staff can help you raise more money for your special cause. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

The Importance of a Fundraising Auctioneer

The main goal of your fundraiser is to ‘raise funds.’ How can you raise funds if you lack an effective fundraising auctioneer? How can your event be successful?

Professional auctioneers know what to do and what not to do in a fundraising event. You may be tempted to hire anyone, or even do it yourself, but it is better to bank on someone who knows how to get the most in that event.

Whilst your goal is to raise money, you employ auctioneers that are skilled not only in talking but in talking with persuasiveness, enthusiasm, engagement and leave guests with a good time.

Why Hire a Fundraising Auctioneer?

The auctioneer is the most important person in any fundraising event. Fundraising auctioneers guide guests through the bidding process, making sure they stay interested . An auctioneer should also have a knack for sensing what type of guests are in a room and how much profit potential he can extract from the event. If he doesn’t have that sense, your event may just turn out futile.

Ultimately, a fundraising auctioneer specialises in charity auctions and fundraising ideas. So hiring a professional fundraising auctioneer is an important decision you should make before starting an auction.

Here is how a fundraising auctioneer can help.

  • Fundraising auctioneers tap into the emotions of your guests and make sure that they remember why you are hosting this event.
  • Fundraising auctioneers are experts at getting your audience’s attention and provide a different voice to your emcee. They will make sure guests and donors participate in the event.
  • Fundraising auctions can be a lot of fun, but they are not always easy to run. The best way is with the right auctioneer on your side.  Auctioneers can suggest fundraising ideas that generate higher bids.
  • The fundraising auctioneers are masters at making items come alive. They talk about the benefits and usability of each item to get people excited.
  • Fundraising auctioneers can work quickly and efficiently to make sure that when fundraising ideas are made into an event, they stay on schedule.

A successful fundraising event is all about creating a compelling atmosphere that encourages people in attendance during bidding rounds.

How Do You Evaluate the Success of a Fundraising Event? 

It is important to consider certain metrics when determining the success of your event. Here, we discuss the important ones.

Financial Metrics

The reason for generating fundraising ideas or conducting a fundraising event is to raise money for a cause. But how do you know if your efforts are fruitful? You need to take into account all proceeds and expenses, as well as donations raised at the actual event itself.

Hopefully, you started the event with a fundraising budget and have compiled all the financial details. How much did you raise through donations? 

How much do you think your organisation made from ticket sales and food? Did it have other events like a raffle or auction where people could bid on items?

Event Attendance

Evaluating the success of your fundraising ideas for a fundraising event is often based on how many people attended.

Were you pleased with the number of participants or overall attendance for your gala dinner or charity golf tournament? This is an important measure that can be easily measured year after year. 

Spreading Awareness 

Successful fundraising is all about numbers. It is important to be aware of how many people were reached through your event promotional efforts and what media platform you used to reach these people.

Event Retention

Retention is key to an event’s success as sponsors will likely join in again.

How Can Fundraising Events Be Improved?

Besides setting a specific revenue goal, take time to examine and select a few strategic areas that your nonprofit can improve on. For example, a majority of nonprofits aim to improve upon their last fundraiser metrics, such as the following:

  • Total revenue
  • Major gift revenue
  • Donor acquisition
  • Donor retention

Contingent on your nonprofit’s overall strategy, choose a few specific goals to focus on and direct your team’s efforts. For example, if one of your key goals is to build your list of major donors, spend more time researching prospects and major donor stewardship.

Furthermore, it is crucial to document the planning process and every happening during an event, from set-up through takedown. This will provide you with a detailed report that can help in future events, as well as give insight into how your current one went so you won’t make the same mistakes again.

Some things to consider:

  •  How did your volunteers help with the event?
  • The interviews and notes from your post-event meetings will help you analyse how the attendees felt about everything. This information may be invaluable for future events.
  • Please keep a record of vendor lists and their contact information.

Use your detailed report from your recent event as inspiration for your next fundraising auctions. Such as all of those things which worked or needed improvement, e.g., more volunteers. 

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Hiring a professional fundraising auctioneer is an investment that will provide incredible returns. However, if you are going to hire someone who is not certified or experienced, it may end up being your greatest expense instead of earning your event money. 

Helping Hand Group is here to help you find a fundraising auctioneer that will work for your live event and suggest to you profitable fundraising ideas. Our network of dedicated professionals can provide the expertise and resources necessary. Don’t hesitate to call us!


The Importance of Unique Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is an integral part of any organisation. However, when it comes to fundraising, one size does not fit all. What works for one organisation may not be the best for another. Thus, it is important to have a variety of unique fundraising ideas in your toolkit.

The unique fundraising ideas will not only help you reach new audiences and grow support among existing donors. They can also create opportunities for supporters to get involved in new and exciting ways. This can boost their enthusiasm and commitment to your cause. Furthermore, by coming up with unique ideas, you will most likely raise more funds and engage your supporters better. 

What Is the Importance of Fundraising?

Fundraising is an important tool for organisations looking to raise money to support their causes. Whether you are a non-profit organisation, school or community group, fundraising can help you generate much-needed funds, engage your supporters and promote your cause.

But regardless of the type of fundraiser you choose to implement, you need to ensure that your supporters are engaged and enthusiastic about your cause. You should also be clear about how the funds are raised. With the proper planning and effort, fundraising ideas can be a potent tool for raising money.

So, how do you plan a unique and successful fundraiser?

What Makes a Fundraiser Successful?

Making a fundraiser successful can be challenging. At its core, a successful fundraiser relies on unique and creative fundraising ideas that engage supporters and help to raise awareness and funds for your cause. Some key factors that contribute to a successful fundraiser include:

  • Visibility

To reach new audiences and connect with potential supporters, you need to be more proactive and creative in promoting your organisation. For example, you can use Facebook or Twitter to build excitement around your fundraising efforts. You can partner with local influencers or celebrities who can help spread the word about what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Engagement

Your fundraising efforts should be exciting and interactive to engage supporters and keep them coming back effectively. This can involve using unique methods of soliciting donations, such as online crowdfunding campaigns or social media challenges, or hosting fun events that allow people to get involved in a hands-on way.

  • Passion

Ultimately, people are more likely to donate to causes that they care about. Therefore, it is important to clearly communicate why your cause is important and how their donations will make a difference in tapping into this passion. For example, you can share stories about how your organisation has helped others in the past or highlight how their donations will be used to further your cause.

How Do You Attract People to a Fundraiser?

There are many ways to attract people to a fundraiser. Coming up with creative and practical fundraising ideas is one of them. It is crucial to think creatively when coming up with fundraising ideas. This might involve organising unique events or leveraging your online presence to spread the word about your fundraiser.

Another important factor is your strategy of attracting people. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Awareness. Make sure the fundraiser is well-advertised and that people know about it in advance.
  • Offer something unique. Know what appeals to potential donors.
  • Making personal contact. Asking potential donors directly for their support can be an effective strategy.
  • Offer incentives or prizes. People engage when they know they can gain something in return, no matter how small.

By using these techniques, you can maximise the number of people who will attend your fundraiser and raise more money for your cause.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Fundraising allows you to raise the necessary funds for your organisation. However, to become successful, you need to plan for it carefully. Your fundraising can’t be called ‘fundraising’ when you can’t even raise funds. So, think of activities and strategies that will most likely yield results.

Running out of fundraising ideas? Contact us and we will lend a ‘helping hand’.

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Profitable Fundraisers

One of the fastest ways to raise money is through fundraising. But how?

While there is a long list of fundraising ideas that non-profit organisations use to generate funds for their respective causes, only a few of these ideas are proven successful in reaching the fundraisers’ financial goals. 

If you are planning to conduct a fundraising, it is best to stick to convenient and profitable options to ensure that your fundraising goals are met.

Learn more about these easy fundraising ideas by reading the discussion below.

What Is the Most Profitable Fundraiser?

There are many factors to consider when determining the most profitable fundraising ideas. These include the amount of money that needs to be raised, the number of people who can be reached and the amount of time and effort required.

Fundraising ideas that are often considered very profitable is selling products or offering services. Services like car washing, yard sales or bake sales require more time and effort but can reach a larger audience. However, you need to attract more people to generate a lot of revenue.

Fortunately, there are other available options worth considering, and these include the following:

  • Auction

This is one of the most commonly used fundraising ideas. It would help if you would look for donors, such as local businesses, philanthropists and artists, to donate items that you can offer for auction. The proceeds from the auction will then form part of your or the organisation’s fund intended to further a particular cause.

There are various auction formats you can use. You should choose one according to the type that will suit your needs. 

Live Auctions. In a live auction, there’s an auctioneer running the bidding process. They call out the auction items and guide the bid amounts. The guests raise bid paddles or call out amounts to catch the attention of the auctioneer.

Silent Auctions. In a silent auction, auction items are displayed on tables where guests can check them and put bids on. This type allows a casual social gathering wherein the donors and the staff can interact well.

Ballot Bidding. A classic paper-and-pen silent auction format, ballot bidding from the Helping Hand Group provides the guests with a chance to give their maximum bid. It keeps the audience engaged while encouraging them to bid their highest.

Online Auctions. As the name implies, this type is conducted online. As such, online auctions offer flexible runtime and allow you to obtain data conveniently.

  • Raffle

At Helping Hand Group, we also run raffles using our electronic silent auction platform, which contains the auction item list and other event information. Guests also register and bid on this web-based platform.

Fundraising is an integral part of any project, big or small. This helps you find ways to raise funds to support your projects. To obtain the best results, you need to come up with a realistic budget. This will help you determine how much money you need and the type of fundraiser to use to raise that amount. Upon knowing the required amount, you can decide which type of fundraiser to use.

Ultimately, the most profitable fundraising idea will depend on your specific goals and fundraising needs. To determine which fundraising option is right for you, it may be helpful to consider your target audience, availability of resources and volunteers, and fundraising goals. With proper planning and the right preparation, you can find a fundraising idea that will help you reach your fundraising goals and impact your community.

What Is the Easiest Fundraiser?

Fundraising ideas can be a great way to raise money for your organisation. Some of the easiest fundraising ideas include selling baked goods or crafts, organising a fundraiser walk or race, and holding a fundraising event or raffle. You can also look into online fundraising platforms to help you get started. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can quickly raise funds to support your organisation.

How Can I Fundraise Money Fast?

When the immediate need for funds kicks in, the search for the best fundraising ideas that will enable you to earn funds fast always saves the day. Typically, these ideas could guide you in accomplishing your financial goals quickly. However, you need to select the most appropriate to obtain the desired outcomes. 

One of the best ways to raise funds is by organising a fundraising event. This can be a fun day filled with activities or a more formal dinner and auction, such as a sponsored sporting event or a themed party. Whatever type of event you choose, it should be something that will appeal to your target audience so that people will want to attend and sponsor your project with their donations.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Do you need someone to lend you a helping hand to make your fundraising objective fruitful and successful? 

We, at Helping Hand Group, can guide you on your fundraising ideas and offer you the best and most profitable ideas that also have a quick turnaround. With no worries on your end, we ensure that your fundraising event will get you somewhere to your cause.

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Fundraising Ideas: How Do You Organise A Charity Event?

Organising a charity fundraising event is an excellent way to raise money and fund a specific cause. However, it should be planned and organised well to ensure that the event will become successful.

How to Organise a Charity Event

A charity event is best done by hiring an expert to handle all the essential aspects of the event. These professionals usually have unique fundraising ideas, and they know how to conduct such an event well. Nevertheless, if you are among the event’s proponents, you also need to know how it’s done. To help you out, we’ve outlined some things that you can consider doing. 

1. Know the event’s purpose.

When planning to organise a charity event, one of the first things that you should look into is the event’s purpose. By doing this, you will have a clear idea about the type of event that you need to organise. It will also help you develop unique fundraising ideas that will enable the event to raise more funds.

2. Select an appropriate theme.

Based on your understanding of the event’s purpose and the unique fundraising ideas you have in mind, select an appropriate theme for the event. If you want, you can use any of the following themes. 

  • Auctions

Auctions are among the most popular and unique fundraising ideas. This involves offering a range of items for auction so the attendees can bid and purchase the things they want to own. The more unique items you have, the more funds you can raise. 

  • Casino night

A casino night is also among the unique fundraising ideas used to raise funds. This involves setting up various card tables in the venue and allowing the attendees to test their luck and donate their winnings to the event.

  • Carnival night

A carnival night is an excellent theme to use in a fundraiser. This works best when the attendees bring along their kids and buy tokens that they can use at the carnival. The setup allows the event to earn additional funds from the token sales.

3. Create and allocate a realistic budget.

Don’t forget to create a realistic budget for the event. In doing this, consider all the expenses that the event will incur and have the budget ready upfront. This will help you handle the event’s preparation without delays because the financial resources are already at your disposal.

4. Choose an appropriate venue.

As soon as the budget is ready, you can now look for and select the most appropriate venue for the event. Book a place that will allow the setup of your chosen theme. You also need to consider the expected number of attendees to ensure that the area can accommodate them. Furthermore, choose a venue equipped with amenities that will help make completing your unique fundraising ideas convenient.

5. Promote the event on social media.

The promotion of the event should be among your top priorities. This is because the event’s success depends on the number of attendees. But given that you can now reach out to your target audience using social media, make sure to maximise the use of these platforms. 

6. Hire an event expert.

An expert can help you implement your unique fundraising ideas into the event. Although hiring an expert means incurring an additional expense, this move will most likely pay off. Having professionals to help you out makes the event more enticing to potential attendees. They also have extensive know-how in handling unique fundraising ideas so you can be assured that the event will be successful.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert to Organise a Charity Event

Getting a company that specialises in organising charity events, fundraising events and auctions provides a long list of benefits, especially the following:

1. It saves you time and effort.

Once employed, the company’s personnel will take charge of all the preparations needed to hold an event. Because they are experts in what they do, you don’t need to worry about anything. You have all the freedom to spend time on other valuable things you need to do.

2. It helps in attracting more attendees.

Having a reliable company to organise a charity event and implement your unique fundraising ideas helps attract more attendees. This is because the company you hired is usually associated with a network that provides fundraising enthusiasts with information about the latest charity events in the area. The information about your event is also communicated to the fundraising community. Thus, your event would most likely have more attendees, and the chances of conveniently raising the amount needed become higher.

3. It assures you that the event will be successful.

Professional organisers know all the game rules, and you can make use of their skills to your advantage. They are trained to set up the venue and implement your unique fundraising ideas the way you want them or based on what is appropriate for the event you plan to hold. They are also proficient in consolidating all the essential logistics needed for the event. 

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Planning for a charity event? 

If you need ideas for fundraising events, Helping Hand Group can help you. We employ a team of experts with years of training and have helped hundreds of clients reach their fundraising goals. The best part? We assist you in your fundraising event from start to finish without upfront costs to you. We offer auction items on a consignment-type basis.

Let’s start planning for your charity event today. For more details about this partnership, contact us.