The Importance of Unique Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is an integral part of any organisation. However, when it comes to fundraising, one size does not fit all. What works for one organisation may not be the best for another. Thus, it is important to have a variety of unique fundraising ideas in your toolkit.

The unique fundraising ideas will not only help you reach new audiences and grow support among existing donors. They can also create opportunities for supporters to get involved in new and exciting ways. This can boost their enthusiasm and commitment to your cause. Furthermore, by coming up with unique ideas, you will most likely raise more funds and engage your supporters better. 

What Is the Importance of Fundraising?

Fundraising is an important tool for organisations looking to raise money to support their causes. Whether you are a non-profit organisation, school or community group, fundraising can help you generate much-needed funds, engage your supporters and promote your cause.

But regardless of the type of fundraiser you choose to implement, you need to ensure that your supporters are engaged and enthusiastic about your cause. You should also be clear about how the funds are raised. With the proper planning and effort, fundraising ideas can be a potent tool for raising money.

So, how do you plan a unique and successful fundraiser?

What Makes a Fundraiser Successful?

Making a fundraiser successful can be challenging. At its core, a successful fundraiser relies on unique and creative fundraising ideas that engage supporters and help to raise awareness and funds for your cause. Some key factors that contribute to a successful fundraiser include:

  • Visibility

To reach new audiences and connect with potential supporters, you need to be more proactive and creative in promoting your organisation. For example, you can use Facebook or Twitter to build excitement around your fundraising efforts. You can partner with local influencers or celebrities who can help spread the word about what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Engagement

Your fundraising efforts should be exciting and interactive to engage supporters and keep them coming back effectively. This can involve using unique methods of soliciting donations, such as online crowdfunding campaigns or social media challenges, or hosting fun events that allow people to get involved in a hands-on way.

  • Passion

Ultimately, people are more likely to donate to causes that they care about. Therefore, it is important to clearly communicate why your cause is important and how their donations will make a difference in tapping into this passion. For example, you can share stories about how your organisation has helped others in the past or highlight how their donations will be used to further your cause.

How Do You Attract People to a Fundraiser?

There are many ways to attract people to a fundraiser. Coming up with creative and practical fundraising ideas is one of them. It is crucial to think creatively when coming up with fundraising ideas. This might involve organising unique events or leveraging your online presence to spread the word about your fundraiser.

Another important factor is your strategy of attracting people. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Awareness. Make sure the fundraiser is well-advertised and that people know about it in advance.
  • Offer something unique. Know what appeals to potential donors.
  • Making personal contact. Asking potential donors directly for their support can be an effective strategy.
  • Offer incentives or prizes. People engage when they know they can gain something in return, no matter how small.

By using these techniques, you can maximise the number of people who will attend your fundraiser and raise more money for your cause.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Fundraising allows you to raise the necessary funds for your organisation. However, to become successful, you need to plan for it carefully. Your fundraising can’t be called ‘fundraising’ when you can’t even raise funds. So, think of activities and strategies that will most likely yield results.

Running out of fundraising ideas? Contact us and we will lend a ‘helping hand’.

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Profitable Fundraisers

One of the fastest ways to raise money is through fundraising. But how?

While there is a long list of fundraising ideas that non-profit organisations use to generate funds for their respective causes, only a few of these ideas are proven successful in reaching the fundraisers’ financial goals. 

If you are planning to conduct a fundraising, it is best to stick to convenient and profitable options to ensure that your fundraising goals are met.

Learn more about these easy fundraising ideas by reading the discussion below.

What Is the Most Profitable Fundraiser?

There are many factors to consider when determining the most profitable fundraising ideas. These include the amount of money that needs to be raised, the number of people who can be reached and the amount of time and effort required.

Fundraising ideas that are often considered very profitable is selling products or offering services. Services like car washing, yard sales or bake sales require more time and effort but can reach a larger audience. However, you need to attract more people to generate a lot of revenue.

Fortunately, there are other available options worth considering, and these include the following:

  • Auction

This is one of the most commonly used fundraising ideas. It would help if you would look for donors, such as local businesses, philanthropists and artists, to donate items that you can offer for auction. The proceeds from the auction will then form part of your or the organisation’s fund intended to further a particular cause.

There are various auction formats you can use. You should choose one according to the type that will suit your needs. 

Live Auctions. In a live auction, there’s an auctioneer running the bidding process. They call out the auction items and guide the bid amounts. The guests raise bid paddles or call out amounts to catch the attention of the auctioneer.

Silent Auctions. In a silent auction, auction items are displayed on tables where guests can check them and put bids on. This type allows a casual social gathering wherein the donors and the staff can interact well.

Ballot Bidding. A classic paper-and-pen silent auction format, ballot bidding from the Helping Hand Group provides the guests with a chance to give their maximum bid. It keeps the audience engaged while encouraging them to bid their highest.

Online Auctions. As the name implies, this type is conducted online. As such, online auctions offer flexible runtime and allow you to obtain data conveniently.

  • Raffle

At Helping Hand Group, we also run raffles using our electronic silent auction platform, which contains the auction item list and other event information. Guests also register and bid on this web-based platform.

Fundraising is an integral part of any project, big or small. This helps you find ways to raise funds to support your projects. To obtain the best results, you need to come up with a realistic budget. This will help you determine how much money you need and the type of fundraiser to use to raise that amount. Upon knowing the required amount, you can decide which type of fundraiser to use.

Ultimately, the most profitable fundraising idea will depend on your specific goals and fundraising needs. To determine which fundraising option is right for you, it may be helpful to consider your target audience, availability of resources and volunteers, and fundraising goals. With proper planning and the right preparation, you can find a fundraising idea that will help you reach your fundraising goals and impact your community.

What Is the Easiest Fundraiser?

Fundraising ideas can be a great way to raise money for your organisation. Some of the easiest fundraising ideas include selling baked goods or crafts, organising a fundraiser walk or race, and holding a fundraising event or raffle. You can also look into online fundraising platforms to help you get started. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can quickly raise funds to support your organisation.

How Can I Fundraise Money Fast?

When the immediate need for funds kicks in, the search for the best fundraising ideas that will enable you to earn funds fast always saves the day. Typically, these ideas could guide you in accomplishing your financial goals quickly. However, you need to select the most appropriate to obtain the desired outcomes. 

One of the best ways to raise funds is by organising a fundraising event. This can be a fun day filled with activities or a more formal dinner and auction, such as a sponsored sporting event or a themed party. Whatever type of event you choose, it should be something that will appeal to your target audience so that people will want to attend and sponsor your project with their donations.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Do you need someone to lend you a helping hand to make your fundraising objective fruitful and successful? 

We, at Helping Hand Group, can guide you on your fundraising ideas and offer you the best and most profitable ideas that also have a quick turnaround. With no worries on your end, we ensure that your fundraising event will get you somewhere to your cause.

Contact us today and learn how we do it.

Fundraising Ideas: How Do You Organise A Charity Event?

Organising a charity fundraising event is an excellent way to raise money and fund a specific cause. However, it should be planned and organised well to ensure that the event will become successful.

How to Organise a Charity Event

A charity event is best done by hiring an expert to handle all the essential aspects of the event. These professionals usually have unique fundraising ideas, and they know how to conduct such an event well. Nevertheless, if you are among the event’s proponents, you also need to know how it’s done. To help you out, we’ve outlined some things that you can consider doing. 

1. Know the event’s purpose.

When planning to organise a charity event, one of the first things that you should look into is the event’s purpose. By doing this, you will have a clear idea about the type of event that you need to organise. It will also help you develop unique fundraising ideas that will enable the event to raise more funds.

2. Select an appropriate theme.

Based on your understanding of the event’s purpose and the unique fundraising ideas you have in mind, select an appropriate theme for the event. If you want, you can use any of the following themes. 

  • Auctions

Auctions are among the most popular and unique fundraising ideas. This involves offering a range of items for auction so the attendees can bid and purchase the things they want to own. The more unique items you have, the more funds you can raise. 

  • Casino night

A casino night is also among the unique fundraising ideas used to raise funds. This involves setting up various card tables in the venue and allowing the attendees to test their luck and donate their winnings to the event.

  • Carnival night

A carnival night is an excellent theme to use in a fundraiser. This works best when the attendees bring along their kids and buy tokens that they can use at the carnival. The setup allows the event to earn additional funds from the token sales.

3. Create and allocate a realistic budget.

Don’t forget to create a realistic budget for the event. In doing this, consider all the expenses that the event will incur and have the budget ready upfront. This will help you handle the event’s preparation without delays because the financial resources are already at your disposal.

4. Choose an appropriate venue.

As soon as the budget is ready, you can now look for and select the most appropriate venue for the event. Book a place that will allow the setup of your chosen theme. You also need to consider the expected number of attendees to ensure that the area can accommodate them. Furthermore, choose a venue equipped with amenities that will help make completing your unique fundraising ideas convenient.

5. Promote the event on social media.

The promotion of the event should be among your top priorities. This is because the event’s success depends on the number of attendees. But given that you can now reach out to your target audience using social media, make sure to maximise the use of these platforms. 

6. Hire an event expert.

An expert can help you implement your unique fundraising ideas into the event. Although hiring an expert means incurring an additional expense, this move will most likely pay off. Having professionals to help you out makes the event more enticing to potential attendees. They also have extensive know-how in handling unique fundraising ideas so you can be assured that the event will be successful.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert to Organise a Charity Event

Getting a company that specialises in organising charity events, fundraising events and auctions provides a long list of benefits, especially the following:

1. It saves you time and effort.

Once employed, the company’s personnel will take charge of all the preparations needed to hold an event. Because they are experts in what they do, you don’t need to worry about anything. You have all the freedom to spend time on other valuable things you need to do.

2. It helps in attracting more attendees.

Having a reliable company to organise a charity event and implement your unique fundraising ideas helps attract more attendees. This is because the company you hired is usually associated with a network that provides fundraising enthusiasts with information about the latest charity events in the area. The information about your event is also communicated to the fundraising community. Thus, your event would most likely have more attendees, and the chances of conveniently raising the amount needed become higher.

3. It assures you that the event will be successful.

Professional organisers know all the game rules, and you can make use of their skills to your advantage. They are trained to set up the venue and implement your unique fundraising ideas the way you want them or based on what is appropriate for the event you plan to hold. They are also proficient in consolidating all the essential logistics needed for the event. 

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Planning for a charity event? 

If you need ideas for fundraising events, Helping Hand Group can help you. We employ a team of experts with years of training and have helped hundreds of clients reach their fundraising goals. The best part? We assist you in your fundraising event from start to finish without upfront costs to you. We offer auction items on a consignment-type basis.

Let’s start planning for your charity event today. For more details about this partnership, contact us.

Ballot Bidding® Or Electronic Silent Auction: Which Should You Choose?

Decision Making

Ballot Bidding® Or Electronic Silent Auction: Which Should You Choose?

Running a fundraising event can be a challenge. You need to find ways to generate enough money to support your projects.
One excellent way to raise funds is having auctions in which you sell items at the highest possible price. Some of the most common types of auctions are live and silent auctions.

What Is the Difference Between a Ballot Bidding® and an Electronic Silent Auction?

We, at Helping Hand Group Auction Services, are experts in live and silent auctions. We also take pride in our core, proprietary product, Ballot Bidding®. We design and print Ballot Bidding® forms, which include your event’s items and the auction items that you choose from our auction item list. Ballot Bidding® is a great format to push your guests to their maximum bid and keep them engaged with your event. But how does it differ from our electronic silent auction?

Ballot Bidding® is a classic paper-and-pen silent auction format. Guests are given one chance to place their maximum bid against the items they want. This eliminates back and forth ‘penny bidding’. Instead of checking their silent auction bids, you can keep them tuned in to your speakers.

As Ballot Bidding® encourages guests to think about possible bids from other guests, this ‘blind method’ can help you maximise bids for your charity. It helps you raise as much as possible as guests bid at or as close to as possible to their personal maximum bid. You can also sell multiple items to the top bidders, which means the amount you fundraise increases.

On the other hand, an electronic silent auction uses tablets, smartphones and screens during the event. In this auction format, we provide a link to an online version of the auction, which you can share via email or social media. With a flexible digital format, you will be able to collect bids from contacts all over the world.

An electronic silent auction also allows guests to enjoy a number of silent auction items. You can send messages directly to your guests during the actual event via SMS and remind them about important information regarding the auction.

Although they are two very different approaches, both Ballot Bidding® and electronic silent auction are great options for a charity fundraiser. They can engage guests and raise funds effectively.

What Are the Other Auction Types?

Live Auction

Otherwise called live on-site auction, this auction type is generally conducted in a meeting room, recreational convention, hotel facility or any indoor location. The attendees can look at the items on display live. They place their bids by either calling out the amount they’re willing to pay, raising their bid paddles or simply trying a few ways to catch the auctioneer’s attention. Although most people would agree that it’s a competitive environment, bidders say that it’s highly transparent because all guests are present at the same time and in the exact location.

Online Auction

Online auctions are another auction type where bidders compete to acquire a particular item and submit their bids online. With the pandemic, Internet auctions have become a crucial part of most fundraising events because they allow guests to participate remotely.

During an online auction, the items are uploaded on the Internet, where bidders can see the item on sale. Given that everything is done online, attendees don’t need to go to the site to be a part of it. What makes online auctions ideal for most events is that it follows the schedule as-is. So, you can expect that it’ll get done as scheduled.

Silent Auction

Similar to the other auction types, attendees in a silent auction need to assess the items on display before placing their bids carefully. What makes it different is that there are no auctioneers at the event. Even more, attendees don’t need to catch the auctioneer’s attention by placing their bids. Instead, they need to put their bids on a sheet using a bidding number. For electronic silent auctions, bidding software is used to bid.

These days, most nonprofit organisations prefer to use silent auctions because of how engaging they are for the participants. The mystery behind each bid makes the event more enjoyable, causing the guests to bid more.

A silent auction starts with bidders checking the items for auction until they find something interesting that they want to bid on. Next, they’ll use the bidding number assigned to them to make a bid. They need to put it on the bidding software used or on the bid sheet to make their bid anonymous. In most events, organisers will set a minimum increase requirement to determine the first amount. Once the event has been finalised, and the winners for the event have been selected, they can collect their winnings in the check-out room.

Which Raises More Money, Raffle or Silent Auction?

Raffles and auctions are sure-fire ways to help you with fundraising. Yet, many people are still wondering which of these methods would suit their events. Interestingly, both raffles and auctions are almost the same. However, many would attest that an auction is far more exciting than a lottery. That’s because you can get a considerable number involved with an auction as they try to outbid one another.

Are Silent Auctions Worth It?

Yes, a silent auction is entirely worth it. Not only does it provide a more convenient and fun way to raise funds, but it can also get the donors and bidders thrilled about the cause.

The money that organisations will raise can help fund their ideas to benefit society and the local community. It can also help raise awareness about ongoing issues.

However, while silent auctions tend to be more organised than a traditional auction, there are still a few downsides that you may want to consider. For one, the room can get crowded fast, especially around items that people feel most interested in. When that happens, your guests might find themselves stuck in a long line or a crowd.

To help you resolve these issues, doing silent auctions online can be an option. Aside from giving your guests the chance to attend the event in the comfort of their homes, it’ll also help promote social distancing, which is essential during the pandemic.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

For many non-profit organizations, raising funds by having auctions can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are professionals who can give you the best assistance in planning and hosting auctions.

We, at Helping Hand Group Auction Services, can help you plan, set up, run the auction and take down the displays after your fundraising event. We also offer auction items on a consignment-type basis. That means you don’t even have to pay for anything at all. We’ll help you maximise your funds and lend a hand until everything’s complete! For more details about this partnership, contact us today.

Fundraising Ideas in Australia for Charity Event Planners

Planning a fundraising event? Organising a fundraising activity is an excellent way to help you raise much-needed funds. This can also be a terrific way to spread awareness about your cause or your non-profit organisation.

But how will you do it? How can you raise funds?

Fundraising ideas abound, but you need to be picky which one will work for you, because not all of them will actually work. Instead of wasting time going around the bush pushing for those non-effective events, think of an excellent pitch where you can bring more supporters and eventually funds.

And don’t forget to add a ton of fun and excitement to your event.

What Is the Most Profitable Fundraising Event?

You can execute your fundraising event with the following ideas that will serve your target audience well and make your beneficiaries happy. Check out which is the most profitable and deemed fit for your goals.


An auction helps an organisation to raise funds. The auction does this by having guests attend an event where they can place bids on the items and packages offered for auction. The guest with the highest bid wins the auctioned item. At the end of the event, the proceeds taken from the winning bids collected will then go directly to the fundraising organisation. 

An auction can be either live or silent. It can also be done online. 

Live vs Silent Auction

A live auction is a transparent form of auction where an auctioneer facilitates the bidding, calling for bids on the items for sale. In an in-person live auction, bidders openly compete for the items, and they can observe the behaviour of other bidders.

On the other hand, in a silent auction, bidders submit their bids in a private and direct manner. There is no auctioneer present, and a bidder does not know the offer of the other bidders. A bidding sheet or an electronic auction system can be used in a silent auction.

Another form of auction is online auction or e-auction. This auction is held over the Internet, allowing for a wider audience reach. It offers the same benefits that an in-person auction offers, although this is done virtually. An online auction uses an online auction technology platform where guests can place their bids in real time. All transactions are also done online.


Online Auction

This form of auction is done virtually or via the Internet. It’s like a traditional auction, except that users sell or bid for auction items online. Items are displayed with photographs on an auction site in a catalogue fashion, and registered bidders can click on them to see further details. 

An online auction has no geographical limitations. It allows anyone to bid anywhere, so you’ll have a greater audience reach. With a large number of potential participants, you can raise a higher amount. This also may be less expensive to organise because there’s no physical venue needed.


Ballot Bidding®

At Helping Hand Group, we offer another auction format that you can use for your fundraising event. 

Our Ballot Bidding® is a classic paper-and-pen silent auction format. We design and print forms, which include the event’s items and the auction items that you pick from our auction item list. 

With Ballot Bidding®, guests have one chance to give their maximum bid against the items that they want. This format can encourage the guests to lodge their maximum bid and keep them engaged at the same time.

Charity Gala

A charity gala is one of the best fundraising event ideas for your donors who will appreciate a night of glitz and glamour. This event traditionally consists of a formal dinner, entertainment and plenty of activities to keep the fun and fundraising going all night. You can conduct either a live or silent auction, where guests can bid on auction items and pay in the form of donations.

Although a gala requires detailed planning and considerable investment, when executed correctly, this charity event can be a great way to secure large donations, especially at the beginning of a major project or campaign.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Regardless of what spin you apply to your fundraising event ideas, what’s important is to get the chance to engage with your major donors in person, share updates about your organisation and inspire your supporters to your cause.

Are you interested in doing live and silent auctions in Australia? The Helping Hand Group can help you.

We are experts in live and silent auctions for fundraisers. We can help you raise money for your organisation. The best part? We don’t charge service costs. Instead, we offer auction items on a consignment-type basis.

For more information, contact us today.

What Is Needed for a Charity Auction?

A charity auction is a popular fundraising event conducted by various organisations. It requires proper planning and careful preparation. 

But what do you think are needed for your charity auction to be successful? Check the following strategies to ensure that your auction will achieve its goals.

Select the Right Type of Auction

Choosing an auction format that best suits your organisation’s needs is important when running an auction. You can choose any of the following popular auction types.


  1. Live Auctions.

    In this type, the auctioneer calls out the auction items and facilitates the bidding process. It is designed to engage donors through urgency and provides the opportunity to include additional fundraising methods.


  1. Silent Auctions.

    This auction is conducted by displaying the auction items on tables for the guests to check and place bids on.

Silent auctions are considered effective because they provide a casual social setting wherein the donors and the staff can mingle well.

  1. Online Charity Auctions.

    This auction, as the name suggests, is conducted online. The photos of the auction items are displayed on an auction site to allow the bidders to browse and place their bids.

Online charity auctions are a cost-effective solution because they provide flexible runtime and enable you to collect data conveniently.

  1. Ballot Bidding.

    This classic paper-and-pen silent auction format gives the guests one chance to lodge their maximum bid. What’s great about this format is that it pushes guests to their maximum bid while also keeping them engaged.

Recruit Your Event Team 

Running a charity auction involves a lot of processes. As such, you need to recruit and assemble a team that will assist you in handling all the procedures needed for the event.

For best results, you need to have the members who will do the following:

  1. Event Planning.

    The team members assigned to this role handle the booking of the venue, marketing of the event and organising the volunteers.

  2. Procurement of Auction Items.

    This team takes charge of the procurement of the auction items. It also ensures that these items are well taken care of until their new owners claim them.

  3. Support Services.

    This team is composed of volunteers who will help in the event’s registration, handle all the assistance needed on the floor and provide assistance during checkouts.

Procure the Right Auction Items

The success of a charity auction also depends on the items offered for auction. Thus, it is best to choose those that appeal to the attendees.

You can consider having the following as the event’s auction items.

  • Travel packages
  • Artworks
  • Concert tickets
  • Signed memorabilia
  • Staycation packages

Promote the Event

As soon as the event’s venue is booked and the auction items are procured, you can now move on with the event’s promotion. This involves the creation of a guest list, followed by the sending of invites to everyone included on the list.

When making a list, don’t forget to identify your target audience because this allows the most influential people to become aware of your event.

You can proceed with providing information about the auction using an online auction site’s auction catalogue. Make sure that the event’s schedule, items for auction, the background of your organisation and the beneficiaries are included in the catalogue.

Choose and Use the Right Auction Software

Aside from promoting your event well, you can also consider using the right auction software to boost your auction’s chances of success.

With the help of auction software, you can accomplish the following:

  • Automate the registration and checkout process.
  • Increase the number of participants by taking advantage of mobile bidding.
  • Obtain a complete picture of your auction as well as other helpful insights.
  • Streamline and automate the event’s planning and execution procedures.

How Do I Start a Charity Auction?

Contrary to common belief, starting a charity auction is easy. It can be accomplished using the following steps:

  1. Choose the auction format that best suits your organisation’s needs.
  2. Create a team that will handle the processes needed for running the event.
  3. Divide your team into groups that will be in charge of the various aspects of the event (venue, registration, checkout and many more).
  4. Look for donors and procure the auction items.
  5. Create a detailed guest list and a plan as to how you are going to send the invites.
  6. Execute all plans and put the entire event team to work.

Do You Need a Licence for a Charity Auction? 

The laws that govern the conduct of charity auctions and other forms of fundraising vary from one state to another.

You may or may not be required to secure a licence to run an auction depending on the state where the event would be held. Thus, it would help if you would research more about the fundraising laws of the area.

A lot of not-for-profit organisations are now hiring professional service providers to handle their fundraising and charity auction needs. These service providers specialise in running fundraisers, including the legal aspects of the events. Their extensive experience in handling charity auctions will also increase your chances of making your event a success.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Running a charity auction requires dealing with various requirements. That’s why hiring professional companies like us at the Helping Hand Group is a smart move.

Our team specialises in live and silent auctions, and we supply auction items on a consignment-type basis. We can work with you and ensure the success of your event. We tailor our fundraising tactics to help you reach your goal. Contact us today for assistance.

4 Top Tips for a Successful Silent Auction

A silent auction is an event where bidding takes place by using traditional techniques, such as paper bidding or a modern one like online bidding. With their nature, without an auctioneer present, its success should rely on other techniques, keeping the auction engaging, profitable and successful. 

A silent auction during COVID pandemic is a more suitable format to raise funds. But how do you keep your crowd interested? What kind of auctions should you set for bidding?

Let’s find out.

How Do I Make the Most Money in a Silent Auction?

When it comes to gaining high revenues in silent auctions, strategy is the key to doing it. With the right strategies, you can streamline your event hosting, thereby enjoying profit returns.

Here are some strategies to make the most money when organising a silent auction.

  • Choose the Most Competitive and Selling Items

One strategy to raise money is to procure the perfect items for your guests. There are indeed so many items to choose from, but knowing what your donors want will drive the most bids. 

What can you do? Organise a procurement committee, use your donor base and analyse the previous silent auction events. In this way, you can make assumptions about which items are most appealing and which ones did not perform so well. 

  • Choose the Right Bidding Style

Selecting the type of bidding style for your silent auction is essential to your success. Take time to decide which bidding method would best suit your organisation and your supporters. 

  • Ballot Bidding

Paper or ballot bidding is a traditional method that uses a silent auction template allowing the organisers to track the bids and revenue during the event. Once the auction closes, the bid sheets are collected, and the items will go to the highest bidders.

  • Electronic Bidding

Another advantageous method is electronic bidding, which greatly simplifies your bidding execution and management. During the event, your sponsors will see the list of the items as showcased on their gadgets. The gadgets will act as the bidding platform and enable the guests to bid. 

One software that will help your silent auction to reach high revenues is Helping Hand’s Electronic Silent Auction platform powered by industry leader GiveSmart. With Helping Hand Group, you can guarantee exceptional services, such as registration, attendance tracking, donor management, data insights and more.

  • Use Online Event Sites

It’s important to advertise your silent auction event and this involves using your website and online platforms. Apart from that, it’s also crucial to advertise your bidding items. This is because when guests see how valuable your items are, they would be motivated to attend.

Once again, using the Electronic Silent Auction software, you can set up an event site online and use it as a digital auction catalogue. 

  • Actively Engage With Your Guests

A silent auction does not use an auctioneer to guide the bidders, so it is important to engage with your donors. One way to do this is to enlist the help of an emcee to host your event. Another technique is to use your electronic bidding software to send notifications through text messages during the event. You can send reminders on what items or how much time is left. With this, you can keep your guests focused on the auction.

What Sells Best at Silent Auctions?

Several silent auction items sell best, but you need to consider your guests before procuring them. Are they seniors? Professional singles? Academics? Corporate? Doing so will give you a heads up on what items to procure.

  • Travel

Travel items are popular and allow your guests to create memories. This can include weekend getaways, all-inclusive trips, hotel stays, exotic trips and airline tickets.

  • Memorabilia and Sports Tickets

Sport-related items also perform well in silent auctions. However, you should consider where your guests live because you may need your sports items to relate to your audience’s home team. You can procure game tickets, signed memorabilia or golf outings.

  • Unique Dining Experience

A unique dining experience at a top restaurant is also a unique and fun addition to your bid items. 

  • Creative Artwork

Procuring creative artwork from major artists is also one of the many silent auction ideas during COVID. However, you can be creative to include artworks from your local artists, too. 

  • Luxury Vacation Rentals

Luxury vacations, such as Christmas holiday adventures and resort destinations, are exciting items to add to your collection.

  • Fun Outing

Fun outings like a spa day, local brewery tours, hot air balloon rides, sunset or Australian harbour cruises provide opportunities for bidders to try something new. 

How Much Can You Make From a Silent Auction?

Unsurprisingly, hosting a silent auction event is profitable, practical and an effective fundraising strategy. And as a rule of thumb, a silent auction will result in 50% to 65% of their fair market value.

However, if you want to maximise revenues, there’s no better way to do it than to seek the help of seasoned professionals to run your event. 

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

At Helping Hand Group, we offer technical and social expertise to make your event a success. 

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Live Auction – Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Live Auction – Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Live auctions in Australia are a popular fundraising event that many nonprofit organisations use to raise funds. These allow organisations to host an unforgettable event that keeps donors engaged for a long time.
If you wish to conduct successful live auctions online now, learn more about the top fundraising ideas that successful fundraisers use.

What Is a Live Auction?

A live auction is a common auction type used by charitable institutions. This involves an auctioneer in charge of the bidding process by introducing various items offered for bid. The guests can place bids for every item by calling out their desired amounts and using other approved methods to catch the auctioneer’s attention.
Conducting live auctions online now also involves the same set of straightforward procedures. The only difference is that the online version is done remotely, and the guests place their bids using specialised apps. Despite the slight difference, both versions are still effective in raising funds.

How Do You Do a Live Auction Fundraiser?

Generally, a live auction fundraiser and many live auctions online are now conducted using the steps below.

Allow the Bidders to Pre-register

The pre-registration during live auctions will help you assign their unique bidder number and the bid paddles with the corresponding numbers they will use throughout the auction.

Open the Bidding Program

When all the guests are settled, allow the auctioneer to open the bidding program. Present the first item followed by the succeeding ones. Also, bring the items offered for auction onto the stage so the guests can view them. When doing live auctions online now, you can replace this step with a slideshow of the image of each item.

Provide the Starting Bid Amount

Start the bidding for each item. The auctioneer provides the starting bid amount that will dictate the first bidder’s lowest bid. This step is also applicable when doing live auctions online now.

Proceed With the Bidding Process

Go ahead with the bidding process. Let the bidders place their offers by raising the bid paddles assigned to them. When spotted and recognised by the auctioneer, the bidders can provide the amount they are willing to bid for the item.

Let the Auctioneers Facilitate the Bidding

Auctioneers guide the bidders and resolve conflicts in case they occur. These individuals are experienced in handling all types of auctions and know the right things to do to make the event a success. Having an auctioneer is also ideal when planning to do live auctions online now.

Close the Bidding

The bidders are allowed to place bids for each item. The bidding stops when no more bids are received, and the item will be sold off to the bidder who placed the final and highest bid. The auctioneer makes the declaration of the winner.

Set the Expectations

Communicate with the winning bidders and make sure they understand the guidelines upfront to set the expectations. Inform them that they have agreed to buy and take full responsibility for the auction items offered by placing their bids.

What Are Good Live Auction Items?

The success of conducting a live auction and even the live auctions online now largely depends on the items offered to bidders. Among the good live auction items are the following.

Travel Packages

Many live auctions and most live auctions online now offer travel packages for the event guests to bid. This fundraising idea is a hit because a lot of auction enthusiasts, especially the well-to-do adults, love travelling. However, if you plan to use travel packages, make sure that these come with flexible travel times so the winners can conveniently avail them.


Unique artworks are popular auction items. Typically, paintings, sculptures and jewellery are offered for auctions because they are good in starting bid wars.


Technology has become a significant part of our lives. Due to this, many people want to own gadgets, such as the latest phone, tablets and camera models. Thus, many live auctions and live auctions online now offer these items for auction.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets never cease to start bid wars when offered in auctions. However, if you are planning to use these tickets in your live auctions online now, be sure to use those scheduled in the coming months.

VIP Packages

Who doesn’t want to be treated like a VIP? This is why many live auctions are offering VIP packages as items for auction. This technique is proven to attract more guests, particularly those who belong to the elite group. Also, many well-off middle-aged individuals love to explore how it feels to be treated like a VIP.

How Do You Promote a Live Auction?

Promoting a live auction has become more convenient these days. You can easily promote your event on social media and other platforms to reach more potential guests and bidders.

What Can I Donate to a Live Auction?

Donating items for auction is an excellent way to help an organisation host a fundraising activity. However, you cannot just offer anything you can find. Below is a list of auction items that may perform bes during live auctions.

  • Signed Memorabilia
  • Travel Packages
  • Spa Packages
  • Bar Hopping Packages
  • Artworks
  • Rare Collector Items
  • Behind-the-scene Tours
  • Rare Pieces of Jewelry
  • Electronic Packages
  • VIP Packages

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Although hosting a live auction can be accomplished by creating a committee from within your group to plan and conduct the event, it is still best to let the experts handle the event. They are experienced and have the proper know-how in holding live auctions and more. You are also guaranteed that the event will become successful.
If you need help with your live auctions, we, at Helping Hand Group Auction Services, can assist you. We can lend a helping hand and boost your fundraising goals without any upfront payment. For more details about this partnership, contact us today.

Types of Auctions

What Are the Types of Auctions?

When you hear the word auction, just like most people, you would think of an item being sold at a suggested or starting price that’s set by the seller. There’s the bid caller, also known as an auctioneer who calls or auctions the property in an ascending-bid manner. This auction is the English type, the most common form of auction, but it is just one of the many types of auction you can do.

An auction is the process of selling goods through a process known as bidding. An item is offered to the bidders at a starting price and sold to the highest bidder. The word auction, which came from the Latin word augeō, means “I increase.” This was used as early as 500 BC. During the Roman Empire, soldiers would auction off their spoils of battle after a military victory, with their proceeds going toward the war effort.

With the increasing use of charity auction or a fundraiser auction as a way of raising funds for many organisations, wouldn’t it be good to know the different types of auction? Here’s an article that covers the different types of auction and which one you should host for your organisation. This will surely help you in your auction planning.

Types of Auctions

According to the order in which the auctioneer quotes prices and the way bidders offer their bids, here are some types of auction.

  • Ascending-bid auction

Also called English auction, ascending-bid auction is the most common type. It is most often used to sell wine, antiques and art.

As the name implies, this auction is where potential buyers bid against each other, until run times out or the bidding is exhausted. The auctioneer starts the bidding at the lowest price he is willing to accept for the item at auction or a reserved price which may be zero. Whenever a bidder has expressed interest at that price, the auctioneer calls out and solicits further bids. The price is usually increased at a predetermined bid increment. The bidding continues until no one is willing to increase the bid any further, and the final bidder wins the item at their bid price. This type of auction is also known as a first-price auction because the winner pays the bid.

  • Descending-bid auction

This type is also a first-price auction and known as Dutch auction. It differs from an English auction in that the auctioneer starts at a high price that’s higher than what the item may fetch. The price decreases until a bidder is willing to take the offered amount. This is why it’s called a descending-bid auction. The winning bidder pays the item at the price at which they made the call.

A descending-bid auction is commonly used in flower markets in Holland, hence the name “Dutch.” An advantage of using this type of auction is its speed as the process takes relatively little time.

  • Sealed-bid auction or Ballot Bidding®️

While bidders are aware of how much other bidders bid for an item in English and Dutch auctions, this is not the case in a sealed-bid auction. In this type, the bidders submit their individual bids in a sealed envelope, a piece of paper or in Ballot Bidding® forms if you’re going to work with us. When all of the envelopes are opened or the forms are checked, the highest bidder is announced. That winning bidder receives the item at the bid price made. 

  • Silent auction

In silent auctions, items are displayed for the guests to assess, place bids on and buy. They are called silent auctions because there’s no auctioneer calling out or crying out for bids. What happens is that the guests place their bids silently and anonymously on a bid sheet or through their mobile devices. 

In addition to these types of auction based on the order in which the auctioneer quotes prices and the way bidders tender their bids, other types of auction based on how they’re being done are live or online auctions.

A live or ballroom auction is an onsite auction that’s commonly done on premises, such as a sale yard, auction house or related property. An auctioneer or bid caller is present to call for bids on items being sold. In this type of auction, bidders openly compete to buy, and they can observe the behaviour of other bidders. 

An online auction enables bidders to participate or bid on a certain item by submitting their bids by computer or mobile device over the Internet. In this flexible and convenient type of charity auction, all bidders see the same information within a specific duration. Online auctions can also come as an ascending-bid auction, descending-bid auction and silent auction.

What Type of Auction Should You Host?

There are so many forms of auctions, and you should host what best suits your goal or fundraiser auction plan, the one that will give you the most results or revenue. The type of auction you should host may also depend on the nature of items you will auction.

Lending You a Helping Hand 

Are you trying to set up a charity auction? Or do you need help with auction planning?

Whether it’s a silent auction or a traditional one, Helping Hand Group can assist you with no upfront costs to you. We can help you with every aspect of your charity auction event. We can provide you with rare and exciting auction items, event planning staff and even a professional auctioneer, and you don’t need to pay us. We only get a profit when the auction items are purchased at your event.

Let’s start planning for your charity auction today. For more details about this partnership, contact us.

How To Organize The Perfect Fundraising Gala

Organising a perfect event is essential, but it requires significant time, effort and expense. And no matter the cause, it’s vital to create fundraising ideas that would not only generate profits but would also last for years to come.

Hosting a gala is one of the most popular events organised by charity fundraisers because it easily fits into all types of organisations, both big and small. It is a great opportunity to recognise your organisation’s success and to connect with your donors on a personal level.

When you organise a gala gathering, it can either be a formal and regal event or a casual social gathering with a small or large guest list. However, even with the resources online, devising the program flow can be challenging, especially if you are incorporating several activities. With that, it’s always crucial to engage with the best fundraisers to oversee the planning process.

Why Create a Fundraising Campaign

Two of the valuable reasons why organisations put so much effort in creating an event is to raise money and raise awareness. To do this, activities, such as dinners, auctions or tournaments, are planned carefully.

There are so many types of fundraising campaign initiatives that you can do to achieve your goals. Events like peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, online fundraising, text-to-give campaign and social media campaign are some of the creative ways to showcase your organisation’s brand.

1. Find New Potential Donors

Successful fundraisers know how to target the right audience to increase the organisation’s effectiveness. As an organiser, you have to know who your donors are so when you reach out to new supporters, your strategies will lead to a positive outcome. The more you know about your existing donors in the community, the more you will be able to come up with creative and strategic fundraising event ideas for your campaign.

2. Ensures Consistent Funds To Support Activities

Firstly, funds are the reason why you are able to run operations. Having a regular flow of funds sustains your organisation’s mission, vision and goals. If you can’t raise money, ultimately, the organisation will cease to operate. The good thing is that ideas for fundraising are truly limitless. Understanding your goals will provide you with numerous activities to include in your event.

3. Maintains Support From Existing Donors

Taking good care of your existing donors is just as essential as getting new ones. Supporters are the lifeblood of any charity or non-profit fundraising affair. Therefore, knowing what motivates them to give is vital to your lasting relationship.

To really create an impact on your supporters, your organisation must show good stewardship to the donor money. One of the reasons why donors give to your fundraiser event is their personal connection to your cause. When they can see the impact of their generosity, they will trust your organisation and will continue to give more.

How to Organise a Fundraising Gala

1. Devise a Program That Meets Your Fundraising Gala Goals

Your goals are important to ensure that you are heading in the right direction and to assess your event’s success. Whatever your goals are, they should be an essential part of the planning process.

2. Decide on Your Gala Theme

Deciding on a theme will bring fresh experience to your supporters. From the food, venue and decorations, you can spark more personality, enjoyment and excitement. Moreover, with your theme, you can narrow down your options, making it easy for you to go through the planning process.

If you are not sure what theme to use, get creative with some of the popular themes like Masquerade, Black Tie Event, Wild West, Tropical or even Hollywood theme.

3. Create a Realistic Budget

As with any other fundraising event, budget is crucial if you want a return on investment. A definitive budget must include actual costs of expenses, as well as the projected income.

Even a small gala requires a budget that would completely cover the expenses. It also means that while it is important to stay within the budget, it should not compromise the quality of the event. If your budget is limited, look for creative ways to make your gala event stand out. The best events are often a result of meticulous planning and innovative schemes which strikes the right balance between increasing donors and keeping the costs down.

4. Incorporate Creative Ways to Encourage Donations

In today’s technology, people have more access to donate a portion of their money to any cause. And as an organiser, you must adapt to this change because registrations and admissions are not just enough to earn profits. So, be ready to incorporate any method that would generate more contributions. Encourage donations through text-to-give, donation kiosks or social media links.

5. Include Several Fundraising Ideas

Engaging with your supporters is one of the key successes when organising a gala event. Therefore, you have to incorporate the main event that would draw people to your cause.

One of the great ways to highlight your gala is to include auctions because your guests can bid on their favourite items. Hosting an auction as part of your gala requires a professional team to procure items.

Helping Hand Auction Services

Although there are many ways to organise a gala fundraising event, the key to success is to always engage with a reliable fundraising event team.

Not sure what items to include in your gala auction? Let us help you. Helping Hand is a leading auction service that has already built a strong reputation throughout Australasia.

At Helping Hand, we provide auction ideas for fundraisers, credible auction items and services to take your event to the next level. More importantly, we have the right people with high expertise to run your event.

Why hire Helping Hand? Because our team can bring success to your organisation. This is our profession and with years of experience, we can provide you with the most comprehensive auction event service there is.

So, if you are looking for fundraising ideas in Australia for a large crowd or easy fundraisers for small groups, call us and we will discuss better options with you.