Choosing the Best Fundraising Idea for Your Project

In a crowded and competitive environment where many non-profits are seeking help at the same time, it is difficult for many organisations to acquire new donors and retain existing ones, as well as maintain a sufficient level of public profile. The good thing is, when properly executed, fundraising events can directly address all of these issues. 

Choosing the appropriate fundraiser is the most crucial choice you will make. The timing of each fundraiser, the quality of the merchandise, selling and delivery considerations, and, ultimately, your organisation’s net profit are important factors.

To help you make decisions and negotiate with donors, many fundraising consultants are now offering their services. You can count on the Helping Hand Group to assist you with all of your fundraising ideas in Australia.

How to Determine the Best Fundraising Idea

Whilst there is no universally agreed-upon definition of the ‘best’ fundraising ideas, you can narrow down your options for successful fundraising by considering your goal and the existing support system (who will give to your campaign). If you’re a non-profit, you likely rely on a consistent revenue stream to fund your good work. Both short-term and long-term success will be dependent upon the fundraising strategies you employ.


  • Type of event—A fundraiser is an event designed to raise awareness and support for the mission of an organisation. All events have the potential to be transformed into fundraising opportunities. This may include concerts, silent auctions, half marathons and even neighbourhood cookouts. The type of events can be the following: gala, silent auctions, donor appreciation or live/online auctions.
  • Budget—Estimating event expenses can help you stay on budget and avoid wasting time or money. Expenses always bring surprises, so always update your event’s expenses. This fundraising event budget includes venue rental, marketing, food and beverages, entertainers, prizes and a non-profit event management platform.
  • Expertise—Raising money for a cause requires fundraising skills, such as marketing, budgeting and event planning. These traits help fundraisers convince the public to donate. 

Moreover, if you have a team of experts, your fundraising campaign will be successful. However, if you don’t have the time or skills to organise an event, it’s best to hire a professional fundraiser.

  • Size and demographics of the audience—Age, education level and occupation are obvious ways to segment your non-profit’s audience. Demographics can also be used to improve audience location.
  • Type of sponsors—Event sponsorship can take many forms. Some offer charging stations and product naming rights. Non-profits can be sponsored in four ways: financial, media, in-kind and promotional.

The Process of Fundraising

When planning a fundraising event, find a balance between what you hope to raise and what’s possible. Don’t set unrealistic goals. Setting them too high will lead to disappointment and discouragement for all. If you set them too low, you and your team won’t feel challenged and will know you could have done more.

  • Create a plan—Find out about the people who run the organisation. This part of the plan explains who is in charge of the organisation, who its key employees are and what each volunteer can do.
  • Choose a type of fundraiser—There are many different ways to raise money, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method. Find one that suits your needs and budget..
  • Create your campaign materials—The most convincing fundraising materials all talk about what the programs do, like how they help kids, treat cancer patients or protect people’s rights. They let people know about the animals they save and the people they help.
  • Promote your fundraiser—Putting information about your event on your website is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the word out.
  • Target new donors but take care of your existing ones—Donors, board members and volunteers you already have are a great way to find new donors. Who do they have with them at events? Who shares the things you post on social media? Nurture the relationships you already have. It’s not just about taking care of donors well. It makes you look better in the eyes of people who might hire you.
  • Evaluate your success—For long-term fundraising to go well, you need to be organised, build trust with your audience and be yourself. Think about why this is important to you, how it will make a difference, and why people should give money to your cause.

What Is the Easiest Fundraiser?

The goal of any fundraiser for a non-profit is to get as many donations as possible whilst spending as little money as possible. This way, you can put more money towards your mission instead of paying for things like rent and utilities.


  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising—P2P fundraising is when individuals raise money on behalf of your non-profit. Each fundraiser creates its unique campaign page and shares it with its networks. The best part about P2P fundraising is that it doesn’t cost anything for your non-profit to get started.
  • Concerts—Concerts for charity might look like any other concert you’ve been to: musicians play for an audience on stage. Since they’re all there for the same reason, performers may also talk about the concert and why it’s so important to donate. You can also auction tickets to this type of concert as part of the fundraiser.
  • Tournaments—Putting on a tournament isn’t just a great way to raise money. You can encourage new people to join your club and play. And it’s the perfect way to get your whole family involved in your sport.
  • Auctions—Charity auctions, whether they are live, silent or online, are ways to raise money by having people bid on items and packages.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Charity fundraising can boost your group’s activities and give members new opportunities. It can also help a financially needy community member. 

To help you to kickstart your event, seeking professional help for all the overwhelming list of starting fundraising is a great start. At the Helping Hand Group, we provide full-service support for your nonprofit to ensure your fundraiser is a success. From start to finish, we will help you plan, promote and execute your auction event. Call us now.