Live Auction – Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Live Auction – Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Live auctions in Australia are a popular fundraising event that many nonprofit organisations use to raise funds. These allow organisations to host an unforgettable event that keeps donors engaged for a long time.
If you wish to conduct successful live auctions online now, learn more about the top fundraising ideas that successful fundraisers use.

What Is a Live Auction?

A live auction is a common auction type used by charitable institutions. This involves an auctioneer in charge of the bidding process by introducing various items offered for bid. The guests can place bids for every item by calling out their desired amounts and using other approved methods to catch the auctioneer’s attention.
Conducting live auctions online now also involves the same set of straightforward procedures. The only difference is that the online version is done remotely, and the guests place their bids using specialised apps. Despite the slight difference, both versions are still effective in raising funds.

How Do You Do a Live Auction Fundraiser?

Generally, a live auction fundraiser and many live auctions online are now conducted using the steps below.

Allow the Bidders to Pre-register

The pre-registration during live auctions will help you assign their unique bidder number and the bid paddles with the corresponding numbers they will use throughout the auction.

Open the Bidding Program

When all the guests are settled, allow the auctioneer to open the bidding program. Present the first item followed by the succeeding ones. Also, bring the items offered for auction onto the stage so the guests can view them. When doing live auctions online now, you can replace this step with a slideshow of the image of each item.

Provide the Starting Bid Amount

Start the bidding for each item. The auctioneer provides the starting bid amount that will dictate the first bidder’s lowest bid. This step is also applicable when doing live auctions online now.

Proceed With the Bidding Process

Go ahead with the bidding process. Let the bidders place their offers by raising the bid paddles assigned to them. When spotted and recognised by the auctioneer, the bidders can provide the amount they are willing to bid for the item.

Let the Auctioneers Facilitate the Bidding

Auctioneers guide the bidders and resolve conflicts in case they occur. These individuals are experienced in handling all types of auctions and know the right things to do to make the event a success. Having an auctioneer is also ideal when planning to do live auctions online now.

Close the Bidding

The bidders are allowed to place bids for each item. The bidding stops when no more bids are received, and the item will be sold off to the bidder who placed the final and highest bid. The auctioneer makes the declaration of the winner.

Set the Expectations

Communicate with the winning bidders and make sure they understand the guidelines upfront to set the expectations. Inform them that they have agreed to buy and take full responsibility for the auction items offered by placing their bids.

What Are Good Live Auction Items?

The success of conducting a live auction and even the live auctions online now largely depends on the items offered to bidders. Among the good live auction items are the following.

Travel Packages

Many live auctions and most live auctions online now offer travel packages for the event guests to bid. This fundraising idea is a hit because a lot of auction enthusiasts, especially the well-to-do adults, love travelling. However, if you plan to use travel packages, make sure that these come with flexible travel times so the winners can conveniently avail them.


Unique artworks are popular auction items. Typically, paintings, sculptures and jewellery are offered for auctions because they are good in starting bid wars.


Technology has become a significant part of our lives. Due to this, many people want to own gadgets, such as the latest phone, tablets and camera models. Thus, many live auctions and live auctions online now offer these items for auction.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets never cease to start bid wars when offered in auctions. However, if you are planning to use these tickets in your live auctions online now, be sure to use those scheduled in the coming months.

VIP Packages

Who doesn’t want to be treated like a VIP? This is why many live auctions are offering VIP packages as items for auction. This technique is proven to attract more guests, particularly those who belong to the elite group. Also, many well-off middle-aged individuals love to explore how it feels to be treated like a VIP.

How Do You Promote a Live Auction?

Promoting a live auction has become more convenient these days. You can easily promote your event on social media and other platforms to reach more potential guests and bidders.

What Can I Donate to a Live Auction?

Donating items for auction is an excellent way to help an organisation host a fundraising activity. However, you cannot just offer anything you can find. Below is a list of auction items that may perform bes during live auctions.

  • Signed Memorabilia
  • Travel Packages
  • Spa Packages
  • Bar Hopping Packages
  • Artworks
  • Rare Collector Items
  • Behind-the-scene Tours
  • Rare Pieces of Jewelry
  • Electronic Packages
  • VIP Packages

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Although hosting a live auction can be accomplished by creating a committee from within your group to plan and conduct the event, it is still best to let the experts handle the event. They are experienced and have the proper know-how in holding live auctions and more. You are also guaranteed that the event will become successful.
If you need help with your live auctions, we, at Helping Hand Group Auction Services, can assist you. We can lend a helping hand and boost your fundraising goals without any upfront payment. For more details about this partnership, contact us today.