Can You Get Head Start on Collecting Bids? Yes! Promote Your Auction Items Before Your Event

Best practice: Get your guests excited about the items that will be up for auction at your fundraising event! Pre-promoting your auction item list provides the opportunity to engage with your guests early and let them know what to expect during your auction. In some cases, you can even get them bidding early! Our team can help with pre-promoting your silent auction items.

Pre-promotion is available for both our Ballot Bidding (paper-and-pen) and Electronic Silent Auction programs! Here’s how both work:

Ballot Bidding:

▶ When your Ballot Bidding form is finalised, a PDF version can be emailed out prior to the event. Our team can also provide a JPEG version that can be uploaded to social media pages and feeds.

▶ If your guests wish to place bids prior to the event, they can print out the form, fill it in, and scan/send it back to one of our staff members. Alternatively they can email our staff with their details and bids.

Electronic Silent Auctions:

▶ When your site auction dashboard is finalised and loaded, a unique URL is generated and it is ready to be sent out via email or social media.

▶ Our team can provide you with the HOW TO BID instructions for people to register via SMS. Your guests simply register for the auction and then they can browse/bid on items.

Extra tip: Pre-promote your auction item list along with special call-outs on important details about your event such as start times, parking reminders, changes to entertainment, or other special announcements.

Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you pre-promote your next fundraising auction.