The Importance of a Fundraising Auctioneer

The main goal of your fundraiser is to ‘raise funds.’ How can you raise funds if you lack an effective fundraising auctioneer? How can your event be successful?

Professional auctioneers know what to do and what not to do in a fundraising event. You may be tempted to hire anyone, or even do it yourself, but it is better to bank on someone who knows how to get the most in that event.

Whilst your goal is to raise money, you employ auctioneers that are skilled not only in talking but in talking with persuasiveness, enthusiasm, engagement and leave guests with a good time.

Why Hire a Fundraising Auctioneer?

The auctioneer is the most important person in any fundraising event. Fundraising auctioneers guide guests through the bidding process, making sure they stay interested . An auctioneer should also have a knack for sensing what type of guests are in a room and how much profit potential he can extract from the event. If he doesn’t have that sense, your event may just turn out futile.

Ultimately, a fundraising auctioneer specialises in charity auctions and fundraising ideas. So hiring a professional fundraising auctioneer is an important decision you should make before starting an auction.

Here is how a fundraising auctioneer can help.

  • Fundraising auctioneers tap into the emotions of your guests and make sure that they remember why you are hosting this event.
  • Fundraising auctioneers are experts at getting your audience’s attention and provide a different voice to your emcee. They will make sure guests and donors participate in the event.
  • Fundraising auctions can be a lot of fun, but they are not always easy to run. The best way is with the right auctioneer on your side.  Auctioneers can suggest fundraising ideas that generate higher bids.
  • The fundraising auctioneers are masters at making items come alive. They talk about the benefits and usability of each item to get people excited.
  • Fundraising auctioneers can work quickly and efficiently to make sure that when fundraising ideas are made into an event, they stay on schedule.

A successful fundraising event is all about creating a compelling atmosphere that encourages people in attendance during bidding rounds.

How Do You Evaluate the Success of a Fundraising Event? 

It is important to consider certain metrics when determining the success of your event. Here, we discuss the important ones.

Financial Metrics

The reason for generating fundraising ideas or conducting a fundraising event is to raise money for a cause. But how do you know if your efforts are fruitful? You need to take into account all proceeds and expenses, as well as donations raised at the actual event itself.

Hopefully, you started the event with a fundraising budget and have compiled all the financial details. How much did you raise through donations? 

How much do you think your organisation made from ticket sales and food? Did it have other events like a raffle or auction where people could bid on items?

Event Attendance

Evaluating the success of your fundraising ideas for a fundraising event is often based on how many people attended.

Were you pleased with the number of participants or overall attendance for your gala dinner or charity golf tournament? This is an important measure that can be easily measured year after year. 

Spreading Awareness 

Successful fundraising is all about numbers. It is important to be aware of how many people were reached through your event promotional efforts and what media platform you used to reach these people.

Event Retention

Retention is key to an event’s success as sponsors will likely join in again.

How Can Fundraising Events Be Improved?

Besides setting a specific revenue goal, take time to examine and select a few strategic areas that your nonprofit can improve on. For example, a majority of nonprofits aim to improve upon their last fundraiser metrics, such as the following:

  • Total revenue
  • Major gift revenue
  • Donor acquisition
  • Donor retention

Contingent on your nonprofit’s overall strategy, choose a few specific goals to focus on and direct your team’s efforts. For example, if one of your key goals is to build your list of major donors, spend more time researching prospects and major donor stewardship.

Furthermore, it is crucial to document the planning process and every happening during an event, from set-up through takedown. This will provide you with a detailed report that can help in future events, as well as give insight into how your current one went so you won’t make the same mistakes again.

Some things to consider:

  •  How did your volunteers help with the event?
  • The interviews and notes from your post-event meetings will help you analyse how the attendees felt about everything. This information may be invaluable for future events.
  • Please keep a record of vendor lists and their contact information.

Use your detailed report from your recent event as inspiration for your next fundraising auctions. Such as all of those things which worked or needed improvement, e.g., more volunteers. 

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Hiring a professional fundraising auctioneer is an investment that will provide incredible returns. However, if you are going to hire someone who is not certified or experienced, it may end up being your greatest expense instead of earning your event money. 

Helping Hand Group is here to help you find a fundraising auctioneer that will work for your live event and suggest to you profitable fundraising ideas. Our network of dedicated professionals can provide the expertise and resources necessary. Don’t hesitate to call us!