Fundraising Ideas in Australia for Charity Event Planners

Planning a fundraising event? Organising a fundraising activity is an excellent way to help you raise much-needed funds. This can also be a terrific way to spread awareness about your cause or your non-profit organisation.

But how will you do it? How can you raise funds?

Fundraising ideas abound, but you need to be picky which one will work for you, because not all of them will actually work. Instead of wasting time going around the bush pushing for those non-effective events, think of an excellent pitch where you can bring more supporters and eventually funds.

And don’t forget to add a ton of fun and excitement to your event.

What Is the Most Profitable Fundraising Event?

You can execute your fundraising event with the following ideas that will serve your target audience well and make your beneficiaries happy. Check out which is the most profitable and deemed fit for your goals.


An auction helps an organisation to raise funds. The auction does this by having guests attend an event where they can place bids on the items and packages offered for auction. The guest with the highest bid wins the auctioned item. At the end of the event, the proceeds taken from the winning bids collected will then go directly to the fundraising organisation. 

An auction can be either live or silent. It can also be done online. 

Live vs Silent Auction

A live auction is a transparent form of auction where an auctioneer facilitates the bidding, calling for bids on the items for sale. In an in-person live auction, bidders openly compete for the items, and they can observe the behaviour of other bidders.

On the other hand, in a silent auction, bidders submit their bids in a private and direct manner. There is no auctioneer present, and a bidder does not know the offer of the other bidders. A bidding sheet or an electronic auction system can be used in a silent auction.

Another form of auction is online auction or e-auction. This auction is held over the Internet, allowing for a wider audience reach. It offers the same benefits that an in-person auction offers, although this is done virtually. An online auction uses an online auction technology platform where guests can place their bids in real time. All transactions are also done online.


Online Auction

This form of auction is done virtually or via the Internet. It’s like a traditional auction, except that users sell or bid for auction items online. Items are displayed with photographs on an auction site in a catalogue fashion, and registered bidders can click on them to see further details. 

An online auction has no geographical limitations. It allows anyone to bid anywhere, so you’ll have a greater audience reach. With a large number of potential participants, you can raise a higher amount. This also may be less expensive to organise because there’s no physical venue needed.


Ballot Bidding®

At Helping Hand Group, we offer another auction format that you can use for your fundraising event. 

Our Ballot Bidding® is a classic paper-and-pen silent auction format. We design and print forms, which include the event’s items and the auction items that you pick from our auction item list. 

With Ballot Bidding®, guests have one chance to give their maximum bid against the items that they want. This format can encourage the guests to lodge their maximum bid and keep them engaged at the same time.

Charity Gala

A charity gala is one of the best fundraising event ideas for your donors who will appreciate a night of glitz and glamour. This event traditionally consists of a formal dinner, entertainment and plenty of activities to keep the fun and fundraising going all night. You can conduct either a live or silent auction, where guests can bid on auction items and pay in the form of donations.

Although a gala requires detailed planning and considerable investment, when executed correctly, this charity event can be a great way to secure large donations, especially at the beginning of a major project or campaign.

Helping Hand Group Auction Services: Lending You a Helping Hand

Regardless of what spin you apply to your fundraising event ideas, what’s important is to get the chance to engage with your major donors in person, share updates about your organisation and inspire your supporters to your cause.

Are you interested in doing live and silent auctions in Australia? The Helping Hand Group can help you.

We are experts in live and silent auctions for fundraisers. We can help you raise money for your organisation. The best part? We don’t charge service costs. Instead, we offer auction items on a consignment-type basis.

For more information, contact us today.